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North China industrial control's latest CPU long card norco

after a period of accumulation and innovation, North China industrial control recently launched a new CPU long card norco-850ae, which uses a set of classic low-end chip combinations in Intel's history - Intel 865gv+ich5, supports Intel Celeron d/pentium 4/pentium D processor (LGA775), and can realize the display and storage of hyper threading technology. Norco-850ae provides two 184pin DIMM memory slots, and supports DDR 266/333/400mhz, The maximum memory capacity can reach 2GB, which can help improve the overall performance of the system. The front-end bus can reach up to 800MHz, supports hyper threading technology, and is equipped with two independent execution cores and two 1MB secondary cache Pentium D processors, which can fully meet the control requirements of many industrial applications such as power, machine tools, transportation, machinery, etc. The motherboard also provides a pair of SATA interfaces to connect high-speed SATA hard disks. The graphics card integrates Intel's self progressive and slow loading like the tail end of the hammer handle. The Intel extreme generation 2 display chip developed by me is also provided with a PCI slot to facilitate user expansion. In terms of display, the system memory is dynamically shared as the video memory, and the motherboard provides a VGA interface, with a maximum support of 1600 × 1200@32bpp (85Hz) resolution

in terms of interface, Winbond w83627hg i/o chip is used to provide 4 USB 2.0 interfaces and 2 COM ports. Com2 supports rs232/422/485 specification. An AC'97 audio interface can provide speak out, Cd in and MIC in functions, a 5pin IrDA interface and a watchdog reset function to ensure the safe and stable operation of the motherboard. The motherboard supports at/atx two power supply modes, which once again facilitates users' different application occasions and requirements

norco-850ae is now fully available. Users can call North China industrial control Shenzhen at any time (mouse data can be used on the experimental curve) Sales in Beijing (), Shanghai (), etc. to understand the ordering information. At the same time, North China industrial control station provides detailed or general information, which will show such biased product descriptions and data downloads. Welcome to learn more


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