Overall wardrobe all-round contact makes home deco

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The comprehensive contact of the overall wardrobe makes the home decoration more secure

the overall wardrobe, also known as the wall wardrobe/customized wardrobe/cloakroom, has become one of the necessary furniture in European and American families in the 1980s. In China, although the development of the overall wardrobe is still in the initial stage, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, everyone's understanding of decoration has also reached a higher level. The integral wardrobe has increasingly become an essential part of modern home decoration. The whole wardrobe is destined to become the consumption hotspot of family wardrobe in the next few years because it can be customized and has the characteristics of environmental protection, fashion and professionalism

the production process of the overall wardrobe is different from the general purchased panel furniture. First, the designer will have a close contact and communication with the user to understand the user's hobbies and home style, and then come to the door to measure and design a reasonable overall wardrobe. During this period, the designer will provide computer renderings, and then the overall wardrobe will be made by the assembly line according to the drawings after the user is satisfied




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