Simple restaurant design, ingenious enjoyment of s

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Dining table with view

in order to save the space of the restaurant, a row of window seats are installed beside the ventilation windows, which can directly enjoy the outdoor beauty in addition to dining. The dining table and long soft stool are painted with cheerful seaside style stripes, emphasizing the theme of the design

seafood on the table

the original white table has been rebuilt and put on a fresh coat, which can be easily achieved with blue-green paint, ruler and paint tape. At the same time, some marine element decorations can be simply displayed on the desktop. Blue and white striped ceramic cans and starfish are good decorations here.

crystal lights make romance.

although the furniture in the restaurant is natural and simple, a beautiful crystal chandelier can enhance the luxury here, and the light reflected by the chandelier is like the effect of sunlight on the sea, which also coincides with many glass decorations in the home





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