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Decoration itself is a complex project. If it involves specific areas, probably the kitchen and bathroom will make many people more troubled. You should know that if we can't avoid disadvantages in the decoration process, these and other troubles will appear later, such as the waterproof problem of the bathroom. Today, the editor of Wuhan Decoration network is going to tell you about the decoration steps and precautions of the bathroom

I. water and electricity transformation

water and electricity transformation is often the first step of toilet decoration, because it will involve the wiring of Yuba heating and lamps, so this is very important for the convenience of our daily life

II. Waterproof measures

as we all know, since the bathroom has been in a relatively humid environment for a long time, waterproof measures must be done well. When we carry out waterproof coating, we should not only ensure the uniformity of thickness, but also deal with the junction between the wall and the ground. If the painting is done in place, the waterproof effect will naturally be good





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