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How about light luxury home? This 119 ㎡ European style is the best interpretation! This European style design case makes wonderful use of the bright colors of furniture to create an elegant and dignified light luxury style. Come and have a look with Ashley home

this 119 ㎡ case, based on the overall neat and generous hard decoration, is matched with high-end soft decoration, and cleverly uses the bright colors of furniture to decorate, creating an elegant and dignified light luxury style

(aerial view of house type)

Design Description: this case is a house type with four bedrooms and two living rooms. The owner likes the warm and stylish European style. Therefore, when designing the scheme, the designer followed some elements of European design style and made full use of some advantages of modern simple design

getting started gives you a good mood


▲ the porch is an L-shaped, and the combination of white cabinet body and decorative wallpaper brings a quiet and elegant atmosphere, which lays a foundation for the European style of the whole house

full of European style

living room

▲ hanging pictures and textures on the sofa background wall is a light and fresh modern simple European flavor, and the fashionable Beige tone makes the whole space elegant and bright

▲ the TV cabinet adopts a semi enclosed design, which makes the wall appear more fresh and lively. An open display cabinet is added above the white vertical cabinet, which not only makes the color more coordinated, but also further meets the needs of the owner for decoration and placement

the layout is neat, quiet and elegant


▲ the restaurant is in the same space with the living room, but the overall pattern is neat. There is no partition in the guest restaurant, making the whole space more transparent and natural

▲ the balconies on both sides make the dining room spacious and bright. The wine cabinet beside the restaurant plays a good role, which not only avoids the monotony of the wall, but also allows the tableware to be stored more appropriately

elegant and practical


▲ the cabinet style comes down in one continuous line with the guest restaurant. The design is exquisite and practical, making the kitchen space more orderly. The kitchen is carefully divided, and the cooking area and operation area are in their respective places, making the most smoky place for the whole family elegant and unique

European romance is in the details

master bedroom

▲ the master bedroom, through the perfect classic line, excelsior detail processing, the bright color of the space improves a lot of good impression, bringing endless comfortable touch to the owner

▼ the wardrobe and dresser in the master bedroom have a maximum eye-catching force, and the overall wardrobe is equivalent to an open cloakroom. The exquisite dresser keeps you beautiful all the time

clean as before, equally exquisite

secondary bedroom

▲ although the secondary bedroom is not as luxurious as the master bedroom, it is also warm and comfortable. In terms of details, we can't ignore that the bedside style of the room is carefully selected, so that the European style can be found in every corner

▲ the overall style of the wardrobe is noble and simple, fashionable and stable. The glass cabinet door makes the bedroom more atmospheric, simple but not simple, elegant but not complicated

create children's fairy tale world

children's room

▲ the design of children's room adds a bit of innocence and childlike interest on the basis of ensuring that it is suitable for the European style of the whole room. Princess bed is also full of girlish feeling

▲ the wardrobe is designed to be built to the top against the wall, which greatly improves the storage space. The desk connected with it is set in the middle of the wardrobe, which is practical and convenient, and the overall tone is very easy to move

the overall bookcase atmosphere is also Haopai


▲ the design of the study is elegant and atmospheric, the orange desk enhances the tone of the study, and the jumping color makes the space extremely fresh and natural

▼ the warm white European bookcase has unique technology, fine workmanship, reasonable and coordinated functional structure, and intimate detail design, which endows the bookcase with more humanized concepts, highlights the owner's cultural cultivation and knowledge connotation, and makes life more tasteful, warm and comfortable

add the embellishment of modern style to the European style

it is also light and luxurious and durable

after reading this set of case design

do you want to have such an extreme luxury in your home

then come to EASTLEY home and move it home




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