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Washbasin, a bathroom product, is also an indispensable part of bathroom facilities. In fact, the installation method of this product depends on which product you choose, and the installation methods of different styles are also quite different. Now let's introduce the installation steps of the washbasin and the general installation height of the washbasin

explanation of the installation steps of the washbasin

1. The first step is that when you install the washbasin, generally speaking, you are in your own washing room. At this time, these floor tiles and waterproof walls have been done almost, so this is the only time to install the washbasin

2. Step 2: when installing the washbasin, be sure to prepare the pipe support frame for installing the washbasin in advance. At the same time, materials such as connectors, faucets, washbasins and so on should also be prepared in advance

3. Step 3: when installing the washbasin, it is also necessary to measure the position and size of the washbasin in advance. This means that in order to facilitate the length of the pipeline used to install the washbasin, it must be determined according to the size of the washbasin when purchasing or purchasing

4. Step 4: when installing the washbasin, if the washbasin needs to be installed so that the washbasin can flow hot water, at this time, we should pay attention to the installation of solar energy or water heater. At the same time, we still need to install it according to the actual situation of our own pipeline building

5. Step 5: install the washbasin. We must prepare our own installation tools for installing the washbasin in advance, such as some punching machines, wrenches, pliers, which are prepared in advance, especially some special tools for making pipe joints

6. Step 6: install the washbasin. After these preparations are completed, you can install the washbasin and other tools by yourself. You can also choose to have the decorator install it directly when decorating the house. At the same time, you can also have the after-sales service of the washbasin help you directly install it. However, when installing and using it, you should also pay attention to regularly cleaning or replacing the pipes

what is the general installation height of the washbasin

generally speaking, the installation of the washbasin also has its standard height. The water flow intensity of the washbasin faucet is directly proportional to the depth of the washbasin, that is to say, the radian of the washbasin is very deep, but you can also install the faucet with water flow intensity, but here I want to remind you that you cannot install a thick faucet above the shallow washbasin pool, In this way, it is also easy to splash water on the body when using. In addition, the bottom of the washbasin should have enough capacity, not peaceful but not too deep, or there will be water accumulation. Generally, the installation height of washbasin is about 80cm away from the ground, which is the most suitable

summary: This is about the explanation of the installation steps of the washbasin and the installation height of the washbasin. Although it will not be difficult to install the washbasin, there is still a lot of work in preparation before installation. It will be more convenient to install it later only if it is prepared in advance





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