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The origin and packaging design of Chinese patent medicine the basic law of drug packaging the packaging of Chinese patent medicine is basically the same as that of other articles, but there are great differences and characteristics at the same time. Because Chinese patent medicine is generally made of cream Dan Pills Loose Tea Oil Different dosage forms of wine appear, so the containers also meet different needs. On the other hand, most of the Chinese patent medicines are edible, and they are more particular and demanding in terms of health, safety and preservation

with the change of society and the adaptation to the requirements of the market, successful drugs will make relative changes. However, in the Chinese patent medicine market, there have been a lot of counterfeit drugs and suggestive drugs. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies have invested a lot of resources and efforts in packaging, trying to increase the complexity by every means to prevent counterfeiting. It is inevitable to increase the packaging cost. In the process, drugs will try different new printing technologies and packaging designs, often leading the new direction of packaging for other goods, which is really unexpected for the industry. At the same time, it reflects the seriousness of counterfeit drugs. In view of the actual needs, the layer (coat) of Chinese patent medicine packaging has different functions, which can be divided into four aspects as follows:

1 So that the medicine can be protected from pollution and moisture in the air, which will lead to alienation and be prepared for long-term storage. Traditional wax shells are playing such a role

2. With different dosage forms, it needs to be contained in different containers. The containers themselves are required not to produce chemical changes with drugs, which will affect the efficacy and safety

3. Carrying is one of the requirements of Chinese patent medicine. It is light and easy to open. In boxes Large box Small box Small packages and other packages are more convenient for business calculation and transportation for export sales

4. In appearance Different packaging elements such as design and printing enable consumers to distinguish different types of drugs and identify various brands. Exquisite packaging can improve the sales volume of products and enhance the recognition of their own brands

II. From the ointment in the book Lingdan, pills, medicinal powder, medicinal tea, medicinal oil, etc. to introduce different types of Chinese patent medicines. 10. The size of the pressure plate: customized according to the size of the pipe diameter.

1. paste is a kind of solid dosage form of traditional Chinese medicine after being cooked and cold cut with different hydraulic exchange technology. It is mostly dark brown or black in color, and has a strong flavor. It becomes soft when heated with strong viscosity, Therefore, it is often used as external medicine. Generally, the cooked plaster will be poured onto the pre cut square silk or leather according to the amount before it is completely cooled. Now it is mostly replaced by wax paper or adhesive tape. After it is cooled and solidified, it will be pasted and folded in half before it is packed into the bag.

2 Since ancient times, pills have made people instantly think of a panacea, with a strong sense of mysticism. In ancient times, traditional medicine has been confused with alchemy. The so-called "pill" in modern times is just a clever name. Taking pills instead of pills gives people the illusion of a panacea. It is purely a market strategy. Sometimes small pills can also be called pills.

3 Pill is the most common dosage form in Chinese patent medicine, which is generally divided into large pill and small pill; The big one is like an egg, the small one is like a needle. It is mainly taken orally, with mild drug properties. After taking it, it is slowly dissolved and absorbed in the stomach, while water and honey are synthetic agents for making pills. In the process, different powders are glued together layer by layer.

4 Powder is a powdery dosage form, which is easy to dissolve in water and can be absorbed by the human body. It has a rapid effect. It is particularly common in infant drugs. Powder is usually contained in vials or packaged in paper, and directly put into the mouth to add water for delivery.

5 Tea is reminiscent of Guangdong herbal tea. In fact, in addition to the tea generally referred to in daily life, it is a compound medicine decocted with raw herbs. It can be drunk directly. It has the effects of diuresis, diarrhea, stomach tonifying and antipyretic. Generally, the traditional herbal tea commonly seen in the market can be divided into bitter and sweet. The bitter has twenty-four flavors, such as water Weng flower, etc., while the long experimental period is sweet, such as five flower tea, silver chrysanthemum, hemp kernel and bamboo cane water. They are all called herbal tea.

6 Oil is a volatile liquid dosage form, which is mainly used for external application. The medicinal oil has a strong smell and has the effect of refreshing, refreshing and stimulating. It is generally used to treat dizziness, headache, mosquito bites, itching, etc.

7 The so-called medicinal wine is to soak the medicine in Beijing Baihui rice wine for a period of time, so that the soluble ingredients in the medicine can be released into the wine for the purpose of strengthening the body

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