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Ordering and acceptance of construction machinery

Guide: I. after the model and manufacturer of the ordering procedure are selected and determined, the machinery procurement department will contact the manufacturer or supplier for inquiry and understanding of the supply situation, and further negotiate with the manufacturer or supplier on some specific issues such as price and supply period, and finally sign an order

after selecting and determining the model and manufacturer, the machinery procurement department will contact the manufacturer or the supplier for inquiry and understanding of the supply situation, and further negotiate with the manufacturer or supplier on some specific issues such as price and supply period, and finally sign the order contract or order agreement

II. The order contract (agreement)

the order contract must have complete procedures and be clearly filled in. The contract shall include: the name, model, specification and quantity of the product


; Technical standards and packaging standards of products; Delivery unit, delivery method, mode of transportation, place of arrival, contract signing unit and consignee (consignee) of the products; Delivery (pick-up) date and inspection method; Price, settlement method, settlement bank, account number and settlement unit of the product; As well as the matters that both parties need to specify in the contract, the handling method of breach of contract and the amount of fine, etc

the order contract shall have legal effect after being signed and sealed by both parties. The domestic contract terms shall be in accordance with the economic contract law of the people's Republic of China. The experimental equipment shall meet the requirements of the case of wire and Mandrel winding and relevant national regulations

the following points should be paid attention to when signing the contract:

1 The conclusion of the contract must be based on the negotiation results of correspondence and telegrams

2. The contract must clearly express the opinions of both the supplier and the demander, with accurate words and no ambiguous loopholes

3. The contract must comply with national economic laws, policies and regulations

4. The contract must consider various possible change factors and include methods to prevent settlement

5. The contract must be signed with complete procedures, clearly filled in and stamped with the contract seal specified in the financial

by both parties before it becomes effective

after the order contract is signed, it is an important work to strengthen the contract management, and there should be a specially assigned person to classify and register in time. All relevant materials such as round-trip telegrams, letters, additional agreements, and

negotiation notes during the ordering process shall be registered and filed. The

events occurred during the contract execution shall be recorded in time, the contract execution shall be cleaned up regularly, and the differences shall be handled appropriately in time according to the requirements of the mechanical

supply plan

III. arrival acceptance

after the arrival of the machinery, the acceptance of the purchased machinery shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the technical standards for product quality, inspection methods, acceptance rules, marks, packaging, transportation, storage

stipulated by the relevant national, competent department or manufacturer standards

the basis for acceptance is to check various vouchers, including: order contract or agreement; Invoice, waybill, packing list, delivery list, machinery manual, quality guarantee and other relevant documents and technical data of machinery

the acceptance mainly includes: mechanical appearance inspection and quality inspection; Standard accessories,

vulnerable spare parts, special tools, instructions, drawings and other technical data shall be cleared

acceptance procedure:

1 According to the order contract, check whether the invoice, waybill, mechanical specification, model and

price are consistent, and preliminarily check whether the packing integrity and the number of pieces are consistent according to the waybill. If any problem is found, immediately raise a question to the carrier and the manufacturer, and refuse to pay the outstanding payment

2. After unpacking, check whether the mechanical specifications and quantities are consistent according to the packing list, delivery list, instructions, product certificate

, etc; Check whether the appearance quality is intact, whether the components and instruments are damaged or short, and the identification of non-metallic inclusions. The problems found shall be registered and questioned or claimed to the manufacturer

3. For the machinery with complete installation, after inspection and necessary maintenance, no-load test run can be carried out. The procuratorate shall check the technical condition of the machinery operation and the quality of each control system, and check the movement of each assembly and component according to the power transmission procedure. In case of any problem or missing parts in the design and manufacturing, it shall make a detailed record, and negotiate with the manufacturer for replacement and compensation

4. For the acceptance of new main machinery, the machinery management department of the enterprise is responsible for organizing the acceptance team with the participation of technicians and workers from relevant departments. Generally, the acceptance of GB 9467 (8) devices for photometric test of indoor lamps and lanterns shall be handled by the relevant professionals of the Mechanical Department of the user. After passing the acceptance, the acceptance team or the person in charge of acceptance shall fill in the new mechanical acceptance receipt, which shall be used as the certificate of mechanical acceptance and the entry certificate of fixed assets and included in the mechanical technical archives

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