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On July 10, at the global industrial intelligence summit of the 2020 world artificial intelligence conference, the world's first industrial intelligence award Zhanlu award was announced, and Huawei's cloud industrial interconnection platform fusionplant won the most dynamic platform award

as one of the five famous swords in ancient China, Lu Jian, which holds gold and iron and spits silver and tin, represents the outstanding craftsmanship in history

the Zhanlu award was jointly created by Forbes China and the global industrial Intelligence Summit and jointly released by the major industrial interconnection alliances, authoritative associations and other institutions and experts around the world. It is known as the Oscar in the field of global industrial intelligence. From BIW to assembly and parts, it aims to set a benchmark in the field of industrial interconnection +ai worldwide and jointly promote the development of global industrial intelligence

a large amount of industry knowledge accumulated in the industrial field for many years can well solve qualitative problems, but in many scenarios, these mechanism models can not accurately match the fluctuations of working conditions, and the industrial process is still a black box. In addition, the factory teachers and craftsmen have a large amount of tacit knowledge, which needs to be inherited and copied

jiayongli, President of Huawei industrial interconnection solutions and President of Huawei cloud artificial intelligence, said:

ai needs to be deeply integrated with the existing mechanism model and invisible industry knowledge in the industry to release production factors and production. The akulonxs film has the potential of better tensile performance resources, which is the essence and key of industrial interconnection. As AI technology enters the enterprise production system, AI will bring substantial quality improvement and cost-benefit in key production links. It is believed that industrial interconnection will reshape the production mode of enterprises in the next 5 to 10 years

fusionplant, the Huawei cloud industrial interconnection platform, combines Huawei cloud EI enterprise intelligence with industrial industry knowledge to create an EI industrial agent, which greatly reduces the difficulty of integrating industrial knowledge and AI of partners

ei industrial agent transforms the process mechanism, expert experience and industry knowledge into the standard tension value of Jinan tension machine, which can be recognized by the platform, and deeply integrates with AI technologies in machine learning, in-depth learning, knowledge map, operational research optimization and other aspects, so as to accelerate the landing of AI in the industrial scene

up to now, Huawei cloud industry is prone to generate accumulation and refining industries when doing experiments. The Internet platform has been applied in the fields of steel, petroleum, textile, coal, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, furniture production, etc. to help PetroChina, Sanlian HONGPU, Shiheng special steel, Xinlei group, deput, tostar, Zhengye technology and other enterprises accelerate their digital and intelligent transformation

july 20, with innovation? At the Huawei cloud techwave Technology Summit themed by Pratt & Whitney, Huawei cloud will release new industrial AI products to further accelerate the implementation and industrial upgrading of industrial AI scenarios

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