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In order to further improve the fire safety work, strengthen the safety awareness, and maintain the safety of the company's personnel and materials, on March 20, the mountain reconstruction machine carried out a major fire safety inspection

shanre reconstruction Machinery Co., Ltd. organized to carry out a major fire safety inspection

this major inspection was led by Zhuqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the company, who has tried to print 3D technical records, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union, and the heads of the manufacturing Department, assembly branch, metal structure branch, quality assurance department, electrical appliance manufacturing Institute, general management department and other relevant departments formed three version inspection teams before and after the comprehensive safety inspection, which conducted a comprehensive inspection on the company's assembly branch, oil depot, hazardous chemicals warehouse Comprehensive fire prevention inspection shall be carried out in key safety places such as metal structure branch factory and electrical equipment manufacturing station. Focus on the detailed inspection of fire-fighting equipment, fire pump station control, fire safety access, signs and identifications corresponding to the fire-fighting system and fire-fighting facilities account, so as to ensure that no dead corner is left during the inspection, and timely rectify the fire-fighting safety hazards that are found to have the fastest growth rate in the central and Southern markets of the United States

mountain reconstruction machinery organized a major fire safety inspection

through this inspection, the fire awareness and safety awareness of all departments were further enhanced, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively consolidating the company's fire safety work

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