Organization design and safety technical measures

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Construction organization design and safety technical measures

(I) construction organization design of construction engineering

construction organization design is generally divided into three categories: general construction organization design, construction organization design of unit works and construction organization design of divisional and subdivisional works

1. The general construction organization design is prepared with the construction project or group project as the object, makes overall planning for it, and guides the overall construction organization design

2. The construction organization design of unit works is prepared based on a unit project or a completed system project. Under the overall specification and control of the general construction organization design, a more specific and detailed construction arrangement is carried out, which is also the embodiment of the general construction organization design, the document guiding the construction and production activities of the project, and the basis for preparing the quarterly and monthly construction plans of the project

3. The construction organization design of divisional (subdivisional) works is also known as the special construction scheme. Its preparation object is the divisional and subdivisional works or new technology projects with high risk and complex technology, which is used to guide the construction of divisional and subdivisional works. The main contents of the construction organization design include: construction scheme, schedule, technical organization measures, etc

(II) technical measures for construction safety

1 Construction safety technical measures are an important part of construction organization design

it is a safety management and technical document that specifically arranges and guides the safe construction of the project. It is to predict the potential accidents and possible safety problems that may occur during the construction of each project, so as to take technical and management measures to eliminate or control unsafe factors in the construction process and prevent accidents

when preparing the construction organization design, the construction enterprise shall formulate corresponding safety technical measures according to the characteristics of the construction project. Therefore, technical measures for construction safety are mandatory documents for safety production during project construction. They play the role of safety production regulations in construction site management and must be carefully prepared and implemented

2 Technical measures for construction safety mainly include:

(1) safety regulations for entering the construction site; (2) Protection of ground and deep pit operation; (3) Protection of high place and grade separation operation; (4) Construction power safety; (5) Safe use of mechanical equipment; (6) In order to ensure safety, targeted and effective special safety technical measures are formulated for new processes, new materials, new technologies and new structures; (7) Measures to prevent natural disasters (typhoon, lightning, flood, earthquake, heatstroke, antifreeze, cold, anti-skid, etc.); (8) Fire and explosion prevention measures

(III) key points of special safety construction organization design. Article 38 of the construction law stipulates that special safety construction organization design shall be prepared for engineering projects with strong professionalism. Article 26 of the regulations on the administration of work safety of construction projects stipulates that special construction schemes shall be prepared for highly professional and dangerous divisional and subdivisional works of a certain scale, such as foundation pit support and dewatering works, earthwork excavation works, formwork works, hoisting works, hoisting works, scaffolding works, demolition and blasting works in 18 key polymer material development fields in the next decade

1. Foundation pit (groove) earthwork excavation and dewatering works

(1) earthwork excavation (2) dewatering works

2 Temporary power (also known as construction power) project

(1) site survey to determine the substation, distribution room, general distribution box, distribution box, switch box and wire route. (2) Load calculation: determine the specifications of electrical equipment and wires according to the calculation of electrical equipment. (3) Substation design. (4) Distribution line design. (5) Power distribution device design. (6) Failure meter of mechanical parts shall be set for grounding. (7) Lightning protection. (8) External power protection measures. (9) Safe use of electricity and fire prevention. (10) Design and construction drawings of electrical engineering

3. Scaffold engineering

(1) determine the type, erection mode, shape and use function of scaffold

(2) design calculation

(3) draw construction details

(4) prepare erection and demolition schemes

(5) measures for handover acceptance, self inspection, mutual inspection, use, maintenance, etc

4. Formwork works

(1) determine the types of formwork and supporting materials used for cast-in-place concrete beams, slabs, columns, etc

(2) design and calculate the strength and deformation of formwork surface and support system

(3) draw structural details of plane, elevation and section

(4) prepare installation and removal schemes

(5) formulate measures for inspection, acceptance, use, etc. About 53% of its wing, tail and most fuselage components are made of composite materials

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