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XCMG foundation with "ingenuity to build the world" unveiled in Bauma China

"ingenuity to build the world" XCMG foundation unveiled in Bauma China

China Construction machinery information on November 22, China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo (Bauma China 2016) was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the largest domestic construction machinery exhibition, the exhibition gathered more than 2900 exhibitors from 41 countries to display the latest fist products. XCMG foundation, a subsidiary of XCMG that specializes in the development of piling machinery, trenchless machinery, tunnel machinery and energy exploration equipment, took four high-end products to the exhibition, showing the extraordinary charm of the industry's first choice brand with an unprecedented strong product lineup. At this engineering machinery feast, XCMG demonstrated its commitment to "leading technology and never destroying" and signed a rotary drilling rig at the exhibition site

2016 BMW Shanghai XCMG exhibition area

the drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm of the guests. XCMG exhibition attracted visitors from all over the world. The four products of XCMG foundation, the double wheel slot milling machine xtc80/85, the rotary drilling rig xr550d, the tunnel boring machine xtr7/260 and the pipe jacking machine xdn500, show the excellent product performance and intelligent technology of XCMG foundation and attract many guests to stop for photos, consultation and negotiation

on the first day of XCMG foundation BMW exhibition, president Xu further strengthened his trust in XCMG brand after visiting XCMG booth, signed a XCMG xr220d rotary drilling rig at the exhibition site and paid a deposit. President Xu said: "I have investigated many brands, but I still like XCMG most." This rotary drilling rig will start soon to help the construction of Chengdu Metro

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, has pointed out for many times that "XCMG should be close to customers for R & D, and R & D must be grounded", "to manufacture helmets and guns on the battlefield, most of them adopt slot nose"; XCMG foundation is undoubtedly a powerful practitioner of this idea. According to the needs of users, XCMG Foundation launched a vigorous offensive to the high-end market and achieved a breakthrough in the industry's cutting-edge products through a series of major technological innovations, of which double wheel milling is a typical product

double wheel milling is known as "the Pearl on the crown of piling products". Due to its high technical content, it has been monopolized by foreign brands for many years. Since the beginning of 2015, XCMG foundation has launched the first special double wheel slot milling machine. According to the product improvement opinions fed back by users, XCMG foundation has launched a "one machine dual-purpose" double wheel slot milling machine on the basis of continuous wall hydraulic grab at the end of the same year, which has changed the situation that the previous construction completely relied on foreign double wheel slot milling machine equipment. At present, these two models have been industrialized and successfully applied to many large-scale construction projects, including Xijiang bridge project of Qingyun Expressway in Guangdong Province, intersection stations 1 and 8 of Guangzhou Metro (Chenjiaci station), Guangzhou metro line 14, Xuzhou Metro Line 1, Wuhan Rail Transit Line 6 and Changsha Metro. Their excellent operation performance and work efficiency have been fully demonstrated in the construction process

XCMG xtc80/85 two wheel slot milling machine

XCMG foundation brought its latest masterpiece, xtc80/85 two wheel slot milling machine, to Shanghai BMW exhibition. This equipment is an upgraded and optimized product based on the original model, with strong stratum adaptability, high rock entry efficiency and high construction precision. With the continuous standardization of domestic foundation engineering construction process and the continuous improvement of engineering construction requirements, it will become a key tool in the construction of underground foundation engineering, help to improve the construction quality of the project, and create greater value space for users

"never seen such a large rotary drilling rig." Visitors passing XCMG's booth will stop in front of XCMG's xr550d rotary drilling rig and praise it. XCMG's xr550d rotary drilling rig with the world's largest tonnage self-made chassis was successfully offline at XCMG's foundation in August this year, breaking the record of domestic self-made chassis rotary drilling rig again

XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig

the birth of xr550d rotary drilling rig not only means the further improvement of product work efficiency, but also reflects XCMG's first strength in the pile industry. Xr550d rotary drilling rig has a maximum drilling diameter of 3.5m and a maximum drilling depth of 132M. The product will be sold when it is offline. "Now customers are waiting in line for the car, and there are orders for ten xr550d rotary drilling rigs, which are under intense manufacturing." Liuwei, director of XCMG basic drilling rig Sales Department, said

in addition to continuously launching various "explosive funds" in the pile industry, XCMG Foundation's performance in the tunnel industry has also attracted the attention of the industry. Under the product concept of "marketization of technology development" and "marketization of market development", XCMG foundation took the lead in introducing the roadheader from the coal industry to the non coal field, and applied it to tunnel construction and bauxite mine in batches. Due to the characteristics of large driving range, strong rock breaking ability, low construction cost and high construction efficiency, the product is gradually becoming a new star in the field of tunnel construction, leading the transformation of domestic tunnel construction mode. XCMG foundation has also become an undisputed leader in the domestic TBM industry

the xtr7/260 tunnel boring machine exhibited in this exhibition is also a hot selling new product of XCMG foundation. The technical personnel of XCMG foundation introduced: "xtr7/260 tunnel boring machine is the representative work of XCMG foundation, which is" ingenious and made for you intelligently ". The product is not only more reliable, but also has intelligent technologies such as remote control; The product is a tunnel boring machine developed by fully investigating the domestic tunnel market form. For Large Cross-section Tunnels, it can be driven in place at one time without layered construction, and the construction efficiency is high. "

with the promotion of the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery all over the country, and the "short board" of underground infrastructure construction, the "underground pipe gallery" has also become a hot word of public concern. Urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery refers to the public tunnel used for centralized laying of municipal pipelines such as power, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas, etc. under the city, just like the "city blood" rooted under the city

XCMG foundation has keenly captured the market demand. In recent years, aiming at the urban drainage and sewage underground pipe engineering market, XCMG has integrated years of non excavation technology accumulation and pipe jacking technology, and launched mud 5. Displacement measurement: water balance pipe jacking machine with a resolution of 0.01mm. XCMG xdn500 slurry balanced pipe jacking machine exhibited the highest rock breaking hardness in the industry, with the rock breaking hardness up to 300mpa. The modular design of the detachable machine head has the advantages of convenient transportation, small construction land, etc φ 2540mm starting well can be constructed, and the size of receiving well is φ 1650mm。 The self-developed integrated reducer has a maximum rotating torque of up to 15. The RA should be less than 7um. The better the surface finish is, the higher the hardness value accuracy is 300n m. The maximum speed of the cutter head can reach 13.7r/min

at the Bauma exhibition site, XCMG foundation showed the construction process and effect of pipe jacking machine, tunnel boring machine and diaphragm wall to the customers in the unique form of on-site sand table, which amazed the customers

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