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The organization and safety measures for the maintenance of power transmission lines

1. making a plan

making a plan is to determine the maintenance content and workload according to the project items specified by the major and minor maintenance stations of power transmission lines and the current status of power transmission lines, and formulate a practical maintenance plan with reference to the existing maintenance forces and funds, which shall be submitted to the competent department for approval

2. maintenance design

maintenance can be summarized into four parts: there should be construction design drawings, the formal maintenance must be designed first, and the maintenance can be carried out only after approval, and the drawings should be kept as archives

3. preparation of materials and tools

this work includes: planning orders, signing contracts, conducting electromechanical tests, preparing construction sites, transporting maintenance equipment, tools, etc

4. organize construction

(1) implement work tasks to shift and group

(2) clarify the responsibilities and authorities of responsible persons at all levels

(3) formulate construction and safety measures

(4) define the maintenance quality standard, working days and construction period

(5) organize engineering and technical personnel to go deep into the maintenance site to ensure the maintenance quality

II. Completion acceptance of maintenance works

after completion or partial completion, the construction principal shall conduct completion acceptance together with relevant personnel. This work is the key work to ensure the quality of construction or maintenance works. Therefore, in the work, the principle of high standards and strict requirements must be adhered to, and careful and comprehensive inspection and verification must be carried out to ensure that all works meet the requirements of the regulations before they can be put into operation

the construction or maintenance department shall implement the three-level inspection system. These girls all help to coordinate and arrange the collection system, namely: ① self inspection and acceptance; ② Team inspection and acceptance; ③ Department inspection and acceptance

according to the characteristics of line construction and maintenance, the general acceptance can be divided into three procedures: ① acceptance inspection of concealed parts; ② Intermediate acceptance inspection; ③ Completion acceptance inspection

it can be divided into tensile testing machine, compression testing machine and other testing machines. Let's explain the specific contents of the acceptance inspection of these three procedures:

1. acceptance inspection contents of concealed parts

this part refers to the engineering items that are difficult to inspect after completion, including:

(1) Foundation Pit depth

(2) foundation casting: including buried depth, concrete strength, reinforcement and maintenance

(3) specification and buried depth of chassis, pull plate and chuck

(4) specification and depth of underground crossbeam

(5) pre press and post press dimensions of various hydraulic and clamp pressure connecting pipes

(6) wire damage repaired with repair tube and wire damage not handled

(7) specification of grounding body Alcoa and Danieli group have joined forces to promote micromillr technology and equipment, burial depth, burial position, form, etc

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