Kuwait announced the discovery of four new oil fie

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Kuwait announced the discovery of four new oil fields. On April 20, Hashim, President of Kuwait crude oil company (Koc), announced on April 19 that after two years of exploration, the company has found four new oil fields and two new oil wells in the northern and western regions of Kuwait, where new materials and fine chemicals have been listed as the development focus of the chemical industry in recent years, which will increase Kuwait's oil production

he said that despite the decline in oil prices last year, Kuwait crude oil company was still operating normally. The discovery of four new oil fields marks the further development of Kuwait's oil industry and the increase of crude oil production in a short time. Among the four new oil fields, three are located in the northern part of manageesh oilfield in Western Kuwait, and rawdhatain oilfield and neqa oilfield in northern Kuwait, which are famous for their high-quality light crude oil

after preliminary testing, the new oil field has but a few years later has a strong ability to produce quality crude oil and natural gas. The discovery of new oil fields will increase the reserves of Kewei foam granule machine oil, help to increase long-term oil production, and finally achieve the 2030 strategy

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