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After the 11th national holiday, Yang Jun, a merchant on the 4th floor of Hualing furniture market, has been distressed by one thing: the notice requires that the packing wooden strips of outbound furniture must be quarantined, but the price of this kind of wooden strip is several times higher than that of the previous ordinary wooden strips, and it can't be bought in line

like Yang Jun, there are other merchants in Hualing market, as well as merchants in national class II ports such as frontier hotels and locomotives. Their distress stems from the administrative measures for quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of exit goods implemented by Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau since October 10

the measures require that the wooden packaging of export goods transported by Hualing, border hotels, locomotives, western regions, Nianzigou, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone and Urumqi Railway shall be quarantined and marked according to law

the person in charge of the inspection and quarantine supervision and Administration Office of Xinjiang entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau pointed out that the "measures for the administration of quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of exit goods" had been implemented in China since March 1, 2005, while Xinjiang had been implemented more than two years late, and had done a lot of publicity and preparation work before. Such a cautious attitude is precisely to prevent similar problems

merchants and customers: muddle through

Tianshan news (reported by Ma Shaobin) on October 19, Yang Jun, an operator on the fourth floor of Hualing furniture market, sold a set of bed cabinets, and the customer was a Tajik. Compared with the price sold to foreigners several times before, the price sold this time is relatively high, and Yang Jun can earn at least 600 yuan for this group of bed cabinets

however, Yang Jun's joy was soon replaced by the accompanying distress. When he transported the bed cabinet to the warehouse at Hualing national class II port for packaging, he was told that it would cost nearly 500 yuan to buy the wooden strips for packaging this group of bed cabinets, compared with other mother of Pearl imitations

the manager of the warehouse told Yang Jun that they must be packed with wooden strips that have been fumigated and quarantined, otherwise they cannot pass the customs

until then, Yang Jun remembered a yellow leaflet he saw when he went to the shop in the morning. It seemed that this time it was really implemented. Yang Jun had seen the same leaflet before, but it had never been implemented

the notice on the leaflet: from October 10, 2007, Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau will implement quarantine treatment and mark the wooden packaging of export goods at Hualing, Frontier Hotel and other class II ports in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the administrative measures for the quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of exit goods (hereinafter referred to as the "packaging measures") issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) No. 69

Yang Jun had to come to the only place near Hualing market where he sold the sealed and qualified packing wooden strips, which had already been crowded by people who came to buy wooden strips

7 pieces of a 2m long piece. Isn't it less than 2 yuan

Yang Jun couldn't squeeze in for a long time, so he simply stood aside and counted up: this group of bed cabinets is not more than 100 yuan according to the previous packaging, but now 500 yuan can't be broken. Forget it, I won't sell this bed cabinet to foreigners. Angry, Yang Jun asked someone to move the bed cabinet back

in the afternoon, Yang Jun heard that those merchants who rushed to buy wooden sticks had a fight in order to buy wooden sticks

in the afternoon of October 20, I came to Hualing furniture market and saw a foreign businessman buying furniture in a furniture store on the fourth floor. After some bargaining, a luxurious bed was sold

add some money. Now the packaging cost is too high. After the bed price was settled, the shopkeeper raised the problem of packaging cost of 2.2 phosphorus flame retardants

but don't you always pack amorphous polymers for free when they are slightly lower than the glass transition temperature? The translator asked the shopkeeper

now it is required to use fumigated stamped wooden strips. The previous packaging is no longer available. The packaging cost has doubled, and we can't afford it. The shopkeeper hurriedly explained the reason

however, after the translator explained the situation to the foreign businessmen, the foreign businessmen were not willing to pay for the packaging themselves

what can I do? The translator and the shopkeeper began to negotiate again

if it doesn't work, it won't be sold. The shopkeeper doesn't want to lose money

how about fixing it with the old wooden strip, wrapping it with adhesive tape, and wrapping it with a paper shell on the outside? Our warehouse can be cleared. The translator thought of a compromise and added 100 yuan to you

in this way, the outbound packaging of a luxury bed is determined

after the foreign businessmen left, the shopkeeper reluctantly said to them: most of the Central Asian merchants came to China to buy furniture for a cheap price. They suddenly paid an extra five or six hundred yuan to let them bear the cost. They didn't want it, and we couldn't afford it, so we had to muddle through like this

can you muddle through? On October 22, the Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau learned that this practice of merchants was just self deception and could not be cleared at all. Once it was found, it would be severely investigated and dealt with. The inspection and quarantine department has already taken precautions against such practices

various second-class ports: affected

it is learned that in addition to Hualing port, the export trade of wooden packaging of second-class ports such as Xiyu, frontier hotels, trade city, locomotive, Nianzigou, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, etc. have also been affected to varying degrees

ten merchants were randomly interviewed in Hualing furniture market. Except for two merchants on the third floor who said that they were not greatly affected this time because they had few foreign customers, merchants on the second and fourth floors said that in the past half month, almost everyone gave up three to four businesses because they did not provide free packaging to foreign customers

Ms. Li, the merchant, estimated that there are at least thousands of furniture sellers in Hualing furniture market, and each of them gives up an external business on average, so the loss of furniture market alone is not small

according to the areas involved in wooden packaging, the more serious the impact will be. Later, we learned in interviews with Hualing ceramic market, Hualing port and locomotive port that the sales of products operated by thousands of merchants in these places have been affected to varying degrees. In addition, a large number of goods that cannot be cleared due to unqualified packaging have recently appeared at ports and shipping departments

in the afternoon of October 22, the merchants selling furniture in Hualing market reported to them that the price of packing wooden strips remained high, and the one meter specification was still sold for 5 yuan, and the two meter specification was also sold for 10 yuan

on the same day, a person in charge of the Hualing port office told that before the implementation of the packaging measures, the Hualing port office distributed 50000 leaflets to the operators of various markets in Hualing, and told where to buy qualified wooden strips

the person in charge said that at present, there is only one place in Hualing port to sell packaging wood strips that meet the inspection and quarantine requirements, and this sales point also enters by itself. Hualing port has not designated merchants in Hualing market to purchase packaging wood strips, nor has it interfered with the price of selling packaging wood strips. Previously, some merchants bought packing strips from other places by themselves

in fact, the price department should determine the price standards, so as to avoid the phenomenon of driving up prices. The person in charge said that the external sales of Hualing market have been affected to a certain extent, and we also hope that more qualified wood strip sellers will enter the Hualing port or market to make the price reasonable through market competition

the person in charge of the Xiyu port office told that before the Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the notice, he had contacted a number of qualified packaging wood strip production and sales enterprises to settle in, but only one enterprise paid more attention to it. The packaging wood strips of this enterprise are 4 cm thick, 1 meter are sold for 5 yuan, and 2 meters are sold for 10 yuan

however, because this enterprise does not know what specifications of wood strips the market needs, coupled with the high price, many merchants are reluctant to buy. Some large demand customers such as the shipping department directly go to wholesale purchase, and only scattered merchants buy at this sales point at the port. The person in charge said that merchants used to use wood strips with a length of 2 meters and a thickness of 2 cm, and the price of each one was 2 yuan. If there were wood strips of the same specification and fumigated and meeting the inspection and quarantine requirements, the price should not be too high

wangwenjiang, deputy director of locomotive port, pointed out that the implementation of the packaging measures has caused some losses to the interests of some merchants, but this must be experienced. The problems in the early stage of implementation are only pains. In the long run, both the state and individuals will ultimately benefit

batten supplier: volume determines price

Zhang Jinhua, legal representative of Chabuchar poplar wood packaging Co., Ltd., his company is the first enterprise to respond to the Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau's implementation of the packaging measures (AQSIQ Order No. 69), so it took the lead and occupied the market of all class II ports in the capital

Zhang Jinhua said that at present, they sell 1.2m and 2.63m packaging wood strips in Hualing market at prices of 5 yuan and 6 yuan respectively. Compared with the previous packaging wood strips, the price of each of these two kinds of wood strips is 1.5 to 2 yuan higher. This difference includes the increased inspection fee

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