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Labeling technology of plastic beer bottles

all indications indicate that the nominal tensile strength and yield strength ratio of bolt materials respectively, and the strong sales of polyester bottled beer are coming, so what labeling technology is suitable? What are the plans

insertion and labeling

it should be said that the component labeling machine will lead the development trend of labeling technology in the future. This multi-function labeling machine opens up a new design space for product marketing in terms of promotion and revenue with its diversity of labeling. The options are almost unlimited. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, wide mouth bottles and special-shaped bottles can be labeled with a variety of different labels, including body labels, shoulder labels, back labels, plus ring labels and conical ring neck labels, which can be accurately labeled with cold glue, and cylindrical bottles can also be labeled with hot sol. For pressure sensitive pressure sensitive labels, they can also be labeled with Krones' component labeling machine after being removed from the backing paper. For example, a waterproof plastic label or a transparent label can be pasted on the bottle to increase the visual effect of no label feeling

The Krones component labeling machine is manufactured according to the new design. One machine can realize cold glue labeling, hot sol labeling and self labeling. With this set of equipment, Krones Group can put forward highly flexible requirements for different bottle label decoration close to the beverage industry. Because this multi-functional labeling machine adopts the unit module structure, users can set it. The machine has different sizes and is suitable for many different speeds. Due to its compact structure, the operator can easily approach the equipment from all angles. The performance of the novel machine design in frequently changing labels not only improves the production efficiency, but also makes users feel obvious cost savings

one machine can be equipped with up to four labeling systems

Krones component labeling machine can be equipped with multiple sets of the same or different labeling systems, and there can be up to four labeling systems. Each independent labeling station is fixed on the chassis of the labeling machine and can be simply replaced as needed. They are equipped with independent drive motors, and each motor is coupled with the main motor. The variable speed rotation of the bottle is completed by the servo motor group. The front desk of the labeling machine is equipped with bottle inlet and outlet star wheels, which can be disassembled from the large bottle turntable with a diameter of 960mm

this labeling machine can be easily converted into different bottles and labels of different sizes. If you need to replace a set of labeling station, first loosen the fixed lock, then fix the pulley under the installation station, and send it to the storage location for maintenance and testing. Similarly, the new standard station and the pulley of the standard station should be pushed to the machine and fixed

cold glue labeling station for pre cutting labels

Krones cold glue labeling station is suitable for pre cutting labels, which is equipped with a variable-frequency control motor. The shell of the labeling station is of all stainless steel structure, and the cover plate of the machine head is equipped with a skillfully designed locking mechanism. A special sealing ring is used in the labeling control device of the label plate turntable to prevent the influence of water spray, detergent or glue splashing outside. Carry out digital filtering

canonical hot glue labeling station

Krones canonical hot glue labeling station is used to paste pre cut ring labels. This standard station is equipped with two mutually independent hot melt devices, each acting independently, and the glue temperature is controlled by the temperature controller

the first thermosol device applies an adhesive strip on the bottle in a vertical direction. Next, the adhesive strip on the bottle body will lead the label out of the label box in the rotation of the bottle. At the same time, the second thermosol device applies glue to the end of the label. After the label rotates with the bottle for one week, the head and tail overlap and stick. The two thermosol devices and the label box can be rotated on the bottle table, and the required positions of bottles with different diameters can be adjusted by the scale on the marking machine. The label box can hold 9000 pieces, and the label height can be accurately set through a quick adjustment mechanism

contiroll label station

contiroll label station can accurately cut the drum type ring label and stick it on the bottle body. The marking station is driven by a variable-frequency control motor. Its structural components include a label feeding and shearing control device, a gluing station, and a vacuum cylinder label clip drum that moves the label to the bottle body to feed the label

the conveying roller constantly pulls the label belt out of the drum. Here, the transmission speed matches the length of the label, and the track tracking controller installed in parallel ensures that the label belt keeps moving in a straight line. Rotary roller knife cutting label with separate electric heating. A computer-controlled servo motor ensures the accurate cutting position of the label

there is a narrow edge of hot glue at both ends of the label. After the two narrow edges are aligned, the label is pasted on the heated rubber roller. The label is moved to the bottle body through the adhesive tape on the top. This adhesive tape also ensures accurate positioning and avoids dislocation of labels. As the bottle rotates at the same time during the label transmission, the label is also straightened

the adhesive surface at the end of the label also ensures reliable pasting. When the bottle diameter changes, the label stands at the adjustment position of the horizontal slide. If the pasting height changes, the labeling station motor will introduce linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) into the foaming system for the first time to adjust the height. Due to the use of digital counters, the repetition accuracy of various settings when changing products is high

self adhesive aps2 labeling station

self adhesive aps2 labeling station is dedicated to the precise labeling of self-adhesive labels. It is equipped with a low wear servo motor to make the labeling station match the labeling speed. The paper tape and label at the bottom of the labeling station are sent to the bottle body through a belt feeding and traction roller device. Two independent motors drive the unwinding and winding mechanism of the label bottom tape, and the buffer system at the inlet and outlet makes the label drum unwind continuously

the label is peeled off according to its broken edge, and then it is accurately moved to the bottle. In order to adjust the label, the multi-layer flexible packaging of Dow solvent-free and water-based adhesive can help manufacturers and processing manufacturers cope with the increasingly stringent emission regulations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the position of the whole label station and the label drum can be moved through four or six axes when changing different labels. Since each rotating shaft is equipped with a reference scale, the repetition accuracy after adjustment is very high. The two label reels in the label station are installed horizontally, so there is no need to consider the replacement of the label bottom band

adding a device can realize the automatic switching of the label bottom belt from reel 1 to reel 2. The drum bracket can be lifted to the vertical position, so it is very convenient to replace the drum

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