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Labor relations of time-honored Chinese brands

● how does Ye Kaitai coordinate labor relations

Ye Kaitai is a famous time-honored brand. With the increasing development of business, ye Kaitai has more and more organizations and requires more and more labor. Except for the manager, most of Ye Kaitai's employees are hired. In order to do a good job in business and give full play to the enthusiasm of employees, ye Kaitai took the following measures to coordinate the labor relations workbench and press down

first, reuse managers

Ye Kaitai's manager is also called management. From the early years of the Republic of China to the northern expedition, Dai Tingyao and Chen rangquan, the managers, were all from Nanjing. They appeared to be employees, but in fact they had become the agents of the management

second, establish personnel system

Ye Kai is used to evaluate the heat sealing strength (n/15mm) at the fixed sealing position of the packaging bag film 1. Tai drugstore uses the personnel system to control and supervise each other at all levels, so that the labor side can restrain itself

third, improve the treatment and reward more for more work

when ye Kaitai pays his salary, it is calculated in silver dollars. The monthly salary of the manager is 100 yuan, the middle-level person in charge is 60 yuan, and the minimum salary of general clerks and miscellaneous workers is 20 yuan. In addition, food and accommodation are provided. Extra bonus will be given on holidays. At the end of the year, the management accounts for 60% and the labor accounts for 40%, which is much higher than the general treatment of stores and factories

fourth, deliberately associate with trade unions

in 1927, a trade union organization was established in Wuhan. Ye Kaitai belonged to the first branch of Hankou shop assistant trade union. Caizizhen, who served as the chairman, was originally a pilgrimage to the herbal medicine store and received a monthly salary of 80 yuan in Ye Kaitai as a off-duty cadre. Caizizhen and ye Fengchi have a very close personal relationship. Any labor disputes will be mediated by caizizhen

● labor and capital mode of leiyunshang

the labor and capital mode of leiyunshang is very characteristic. It directly links the income of employees with the benefits of the enterprise. In general, it has the following characteristics:

first, wages adopt a progressive system

after entering the store, employees will get a raise every year as long as they do not violate factory regulations, starting from apprentices

second, the year-end bonus system

year end dividends and a considerable amount can be made out of these product concepts

third, commission system

draw bonuses according to a certain proportion, and get more for more work

fourth, it is also committed to the development and production of bio based raw materials, and the position hereditary system

jobs can be inherited, which is conducive to the stability of the workforce

fifth, establish a labor agreement system

all major matters shall be settled through negotiation between labor and management

Lei yunshang's approach to solving labor relations is the most humane and has the most Chinese characteristics. Therefore, it is mentioned again here (see the previous discussion on affinity)

● employee recruitment methods

the time-honored employment system generally adopts the following methods to attract employees

the first is the recommendation system, which is generally recommended for employment by people who are closely related

in addition, it is also necessary to provide a guarantor to ensure the reliable quality and noble morality of employees. Maying longan drugstore is recruited in this way. Employees recruited in this way are generally reliable

the second is the assessment system

anyone can apply, but only those who pass the examination can be employed. Such enterprises generally have high technical requirements, strict requirements for employees and good treatment. Li Zhanji recruited workers in this way

the third type is random collection

anyone can apply without assessment or recommendation, but they must start with apprenticeship, and the apprenticeship period is long, usually more than three years. Neiliansheng is recruited in this way. This kind of enterprise generally uses new employees as apprentices, and then selects excellent ones from them, stays, and then evaluates them. Those who conform to their wishes have the opportunity to be reused

time honored brands employ employees in most of the above three ways

● employee welfare issues

most time-honored brands are more concerned about employee welfare issues, and do a better job

specifically, it has the following characteristics:

the first is that you can receive the resignation and retirement salary

this is the most distinctive benefit among time-honored brands, and only a few enterprises have done so

second, provide accommodation, arrange family leave, and entertain relatives and friends of employees

third, arrange employment for children and inherit jobs

fourth, the vacation time is fixed and the salary is paid as usual; Enrich cultural life, give gifts on holidays, etc

the issue of employee welfare is described in detail in the following classic analysis, which will not be expanded here

(to be continued)

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