Kunshan, the hottest new rubber company, increased

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Zhengxin rubber Kunshan increased its investment by US $350million to expand its production capacity

Taiwan Zhengxin rubber company increased its investment by US $350million to expand its Kunshan plant, and will launch a high-tech, high value-added all steel radial truck tire project, with an estimated annual output of 2million and an annual output value of 5billion yuan

the project is planned to be completed by the end of November, when about 2000 new jobs will be created, and the development of the surrounding new auto parts supporting industry will be driven. With the production of all steel radial truck tire 1, whether the fixture is easy to use and safe, the products will be expanded to passenger car, bus and truck tires, forming a complete series, which is more suitable for the mainland market

it has greatly improved the tension and accuracy standards. "Since it settled in Kunshan in 1993, the company's profits have increased year by year. It has become an important production base in the mainland and even in the world. It provides supporting tires for well-known automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Shanghai General Motors, Chang'an Ford, Shanghai automobile, Sichuan Toyota, Southeast automobile and so on, and is sold to more than 70 countries and regions around the world." Li Jin, general manager of Zhengxin rubber (China) Co., Ltd., said that the group has increased capital to expand production capacity in the mainland, mainly to improve the current situation of short supply and prepare for the global strategic layout

Taiwan Zhengxin Rubber Company Kunshan factory has a total investment of 564million US dollars. It mainly produces cars and light truck radial tires, with an annual production capacity of 17million, and has invested in building the most advanced tire R & D center and tire testing ground in the mainland

note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. It does not mean that the bearings are installed in the test station fixture in the bearing accelerated fatigue life and reliability test bench. Therefore, the test system is equipped with three acceleration sensors to measure the vibration data of the bearings In addition, a thermocouple sensor is installed at the outer ring of each bearing to test the temperature signal of the outer ring of the bearing However, because the test bearing adopts oil lubrication, the temperature change of the outer ring of the bearing is very small In the subsequent analysis, the vibration data of the bearing is mainly used Purport to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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