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Zhitai touch screen industry seminar Kunshan station was a great success

on August 24, 2012, Zhitai group held a touch screen industry seminar called "precision measurement, achievement, perfection" in Kunshan. The theme of this seminar is to explore the solutions of touch screen measurement technology and the future development trend of high-end detection technology. The marketing department of Zhitai group and Kunshan Zhitai jointly presented a top-level event in the industry for the representatives attending the meeting. At about 10 a.m., representatives from more than 50 enterprises in the touch screen industry, such as we media, dealers and touch screen manufacturing, arrived at the venue one after another and registered on the visitor registration form. The welcoming staff of Zhitai group extended a warm welcome to the representatives who came to the meeting and presented souvenirs prepared by Zhitai for the meeting

Zhitai staff presented souvenirs to the delegates

at 10:20 a.m., the industrial seminar officially began. First of all, Ma Guanlan, manager of Kunshan branch of Nanjing Zhitai Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech. He said that Zhitai group was able to hold this seminar thanks to your presence and support, On behalf of Zhitai, I would like to express our gratitude to you for the high frequency fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong high tech star. Later, the technical engineers of Zhitai group made a speech on "glass and touch screen detection scheme" and "future development trend of high-end detection", and introduced the professional instruments for glass and touch screen detection of Zhitai group to the delegates

Zhitai technical engineers delivered a speech

at 11:30 a.m., the technical engineers of Zhitai group and the representatives attending the meeting jointly carried out technical exchanges with each other, and expressed their views on the development of the touch screen industry one after another, and then conducted a lottery and a group photo

the delegates took a group photo as a souvenir

at 13:30 p.m., the "precision measurement, achievement, perfection" touch screen industry seminar came to a successful conclusion, and every delegate who came to the meeting expressed great satisfaction. The success of Zhitai group's seminar can be said to be an inevitable result, because it represents the highest level of the current domestic touch screen industry conference. Kunshan, as the leading station of Zhitai's quality inspection, has laid a solid foundation for this activity. Through the success of this seminar, Zhitai group will continue to make greater efforts to expand and strengthen the "precision measurement, achievement and perfection" touch screen industry seminar, and provide a platform for the latest technical exchange for the development of domestic touch screen detection

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