Lack of mobility on the hottest plastic

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Plastics: lack of upward momentum

upstream, crude oil prices fell for the fifth consecutive day. As traders and funds cleared their long positions, international oil prices fell sharply during the session. However, Libyan production fell to the lowest level since the domestic station in 2011, and exports halved, curbing the decline in oil prices

in the downstream, the production of agricultural film has not changed much, and there are many manufacturers in North China. Some large-scale manufacturers maintain the operating rate, while others have different operating rates. Affected by the high price of raw materials, the manufacturer's solution is that the raw material inventory of the cleaning buffer valve is generally low, there is no purchase intention for the time being, the wait-and-see mood is strong, and the early-stage inventory is mainly used

according to the comprehensive (market zone) analysis, crude oil has declined continuously, cost support has weakened, and LLDPE spot market has slightly loosened. The mechanical properties of action force on L are also different and insufficient. In addition, the situation in the international market turned warm in September, the contract position was reduced in the month, the warehouse receipts increased slightly, and the risk of closing positions was reduced, which may have an impact on the 01 contract price

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