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Aspect: Labor planning under the global epidemic

aspect makes full use of WFM solutions to support home office in order to cope with the global epidemic

covid-19 novel coronavirus has brought urgent needs to many enterprises in order to quickly provide home office solutions for their employees. No matter where you are in the world, what industry you are engaged in, and no matter how large your contact center is, everyone has to face the basic guarantee problem of letting employees work from home. Not only is it facing a constantly changing working environment, but also the workload of the contact center is experiencing an unmanageable sharp increase. Many contact centers are desperately recruiting or deploying employees from outside, seconding employees from idle departments in the enterprise, and then improving their skills so that they can deal with some easier customers. During the current global epidemic, how to manage the labor force in the contact center? Here are some methods we have found

be prepared to deal with the severe. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. The liaison workload of fluctuations

because the hiant engineering service of HPM worldwide provides key support for the above use and development, and the impact of the epidemic, The workload of individual business departments of some contact centers is much higher than normal. The sharp increase in contact workload undoubtedly means that the employees who originally scheduled the number of work will be overwhelmed, and it will be difficult to complete the work at the same time of reaching the normal service level, which will lead to longer waiting time for customers and longer average processing time. By applying the prediction forecasting and intraday performance tracking modules in aspectwfm, our customers can monitor and track the change of contact volume at any time, so that they can create new scenarios to better reflect the distribution and quantity of customer contact, so as to make more accurate prediction. They also made many different hypothetical predictions to better understand staffing needs in the face of a surge in customer contacts

in addition to the labor management function, by checking the IVR configuration and message records, some of the most interesting or frequently asked questions of callers can be answered immediately, so there is no need to talk to any customer service personnel. By understanding the content of customers' calls, you can add simple and common answers to the message records and company stations, and provide more detailed information

let the contact center staff be ready at all times

in a few weeks, the customer contact center of many enterprises has changed from having no home work seat at all. Through the 1-series transmission commemorative head structure and the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation, the 1-seat staff is connected to let most of the staff work at home. There are some inherent challenges in telecommuting. These challenges must be overcome in order to maintain employee participation and productivity. As we have seen, it is extremely important to ensure that enterprise staff set up personal space for their remote work area to free themselves from the inevitable distractions of home work. Here are some precautions we have found to help maintain the productivity of remote labor:

discuss daily and weekly goals with the team through the webcam every day. This will help keep your employees in touch with their colleagues. Including team intelligence games and physical exercise during lunch, so that everyone can feel the fun of the team

don't take it for granted that everyone understands some things, but check and confirm that the other party has really understood them. In the current situation, no matter how to strengthen the communication work, it will not seem too much

it is recommended that employees set up a special space at home as their work area for evaluating the quality of rivet wire. When they enter that area, they go to work. Encourage them to keep their workspace undisturbed as if they were in an office

encourage your team to pay attention to their dressing efficiency. Wearing casual clothes may make some people work more efficiently, while others may feel more efficient wearing work uniforms. Everyone is different. Some people may need to dress appropriately to feel that they are working

experimental shift scheduling

the working environment under the current epidemic is probably the best time for you to experiment and innovate on the shift scheduling method. Many people who work at home now have to take care of their children's study and work. Having two jobs at the same time will give your employees the opportunity to better balance their family and work, and make them more motivated to improve efficiency at work. Some people may be willing to do more work to make up for the lack of family income. Listen to your employees' expectations, and test the new scheduling method to provide greater flexibility in limited time and place

software tools such as aspect workforce optimization and corresponding mobile apps will make it easier for employees to obtain information about changes in shift scheduling, and support them to view shifts, exchange shifts, bid shifts, and apply for annual leave. In the current epidemic situation, the above tools can make it easier for the labor planning team to communicate with each employee and ensure that they always know what changes have taken place and when

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