Kustomer, the hottest CRM startup, won $12.5 milli

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CRM startup kustomer received $12.5 million in early financing

the current customers are proud to undertake national R & D projects and ask the company to provide customer support from time to time, which is usually very troublesome: but first, it means that you have a problem and need to repair; Secondly, you should wait indefinitely for the other party's or email reply; Finally, you may lose this customer

a startup called kustomer is preparing to solve this problem. They will help rebuild customer relationships through the views of customer representatives. This is only part of it. Kustomer also wants to change the business thinking mode that has been solidified now. By building a simple enough platform for everyone to use, this startup believes that anyone in any company can act like a customer representative

Brad Birnbaum, CEO and co-founder of the company, said: everyone in the company should have the ability to provide customer support.

the company was founded last year and recently announced the financing of US $12.5 million. This includes a round of financing of $10million, led by Canaan partners, plug and play ventures and several angel investors. And 2.5 million seed round financing, with investors including boldstart ventures and social leverage

as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) startup, two co founders of kustomer, Birnbaum and Jeremy suriel, spent three years in salesforce, and then they held high positions in airtime: Birnbaum has served as CTO, and the measurement results of the experimental machine will produce errors. Suriel served as the chief designer

kustomer was founded after the two left airtime. Although this platform has not been released yet, you can see what it looks like through the screenshot

birnbaum and coo rob Bailey of the company tell us why kustomer has the opportunity to stand out from many CRM companies and import 14.43 million tons of steel. Although there are a large number of CRM companies now, only a few are seriously doing it, and these companies have been established for more than ten years. This is an opportunity, because in our view, any industry will undergo a reshuffle every ten years, and most of the old products will be eliminated. Birnbaum said

kustomer platform will enable the company to make a comprehensive survey of users' product history and company history, so as to provide better customer support. For example, if you buy a fire alarm, when you encounter a problem while using it, you will contact the customer service to solve the problem, and then this will be recorded. When you ask the customer service for help next time when you encounter a problem, the customer service will automatically ask you to update the hardware or adopt other solutions

the company's main target customers are those small companies, which are often understaffed. However, the market for small and medium-sized companies is indeed huge. According to Gartner, the total market value of CRM services in the United States alone has reached $36billion

the reason why we choose to invest in kustomer is that their platform is really creative. We have seen some enterprises (such as slack) do well in this regard, but kustomer's method is really another way. Warren Lee, general partner of Canaan partners

kustomer is expected to officially launch its own products in November, and the details of charges will be announced at that time. The initial target customers are small companies with fewer than 100 people

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