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On the 22nd, China finance futures: the financial market is weak, and the rise of Tianjiao is difficult.

on Friday, the Asia Pacific Securities market fell due to the impact of the overnight U.S. market, and the domestic stock market fell sharply, which also affected the future market sentiment. At the same time, the crude oil price fell, the yen strengthened again, and rijiao continued to fall today. The benchmark July contract failed to effectively break through the 320 yen level, maintaining a high shock consolidation trend. The recent trend of Shanghai Jiao is relatively passive. Today, driven by the lack of surrounding commodities, it shows a high-level oscillation and weakening trend, and the pressure at the 25000 level is more obvious. The Shanghai Jiao ru0805 contract opened today at 24680 points, with a maximum of 24935 points, a minimum of 24480 points and a closing of 24580 points; Compared with yesterday, the trading volume fell sharply to 139530 hands, the position decreased by 5546 hands to 63400 hands, and the funds began to move positions. In July, the contract increased positions by 2032 hands and 23270 hands, with active trading

in terms of spot goods, according to the news on February 22 in Bangkok, the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 rose on Friday. It is estimated that due to the improvement of the overall shipment of downstream finished materials in the future, we should first take the resource-saving development path. It is expected that the rubber output will continue to decline for several days, and the rubber price will rise. However, at present, the high rubber price still suppresses the buying interest of consumers. In the Heai central rubber market, uss3 is reported at 85.90 baht per kilogram, It was reported on Wednesday at 85.63 baht per kilogram. In domestic spot, No. 5 standard glue was listed today for 865 tons, with a transaction of 800 tons, and the average transaction price was 23355 yuan/ton

in terms of news, according to the news on February 22 in Beijing, the data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday showed that China's natural rubber imports in January 2008 increased by 13.3% to 170000 tons from 150000 tons in the same period last year; In January, the import of synthetic rubber was 123476 tons, an increase from 108548 tons in the same period last year. LEGO has been using ABS plastic to produce its landmark building blocks for 3.8% since the 1960s; China is the world's largest importer of natural rubber, and most of its supply comes from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The inventory report released by the last stock exchange today showed that the inventory this week was 92100 tons, 1650 tons less than 93750 tons last week

in terms of operation, seasonal factors continue to provide support, but there is no tension in the domestic spot supply of rubber. Driven by the rising trend of rubber in the outer market, Shanghai rubber has surged recently, but there is no small pressure on the spot and technical aspects, so investors are advised to go long on bargain hunting

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