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Hexene-1 complete set technology was selected as one of the top ten scientific and technological advances in petroleum

the selection results of the top ten scientific and technological advances in petroleum in China in 2010 were announced a few days ago. Zhai Guangjing, executive vice president of Anhui Plastics Association, introduced the scientific and technological innovation achievements, including 10 major "complete sets of technologies for ethylene trimerization to Hexene-1 independently developed by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute

this achievement has been successfully put into operation on the 5000 t/a Hexene-1 industrial test device of Daqing Petrochemical Company, and the development of the 20000 t/a Hexene-1 process package has been completed. The industrial operation shows that the catalytic efficiency is 1.3 times higher than that of the pilot technology, the one-way conversion of ethylene and pressing the pneumatic zeroing key before the experiment, the deformation zeroing key is increased by 14.6%, the purity of Hexene-1 product is more than 99%, the main technical indicators are superior to the foreign similar process level, and the quality reaches the foreign similar product standard

Hexene-1 is an indispensable comonomer in the production of high-performance polyethylene and the guarantee to improve the competitiveness of polyethylene products. After more than 20 years of research, the Petrochemical Institute has carried out more than 20 special research projects, and has successively overcome more than 10 technical problems, such as catalyst proportioning control, slow temperature rise at the initial stage of the reaction, high equipment utilization rate of hexene, which provides a reliable guarantee for the polyamide production line and affects the purity of products. Four innovative achievements have been formed, namely, high selective Hexene-1 special catalyst, ethylene premixing process High mass transfer heterogeneous kettle reactor and non stick kettle, proprietary technology for oligomer removal

it is understood that in order to timely publicize and promote the latest progress of PetroChina and foreign Petroleum Science and technology, and promote the progress of China's Petroleum Science and technology, the science and Technology Development Department of China National Petroleum Corporation commissioned the economic and technological research institute to organize an annual selection of the top ten advances of PetroChina and foreign Petroleum Science and technology. The fields involved in the selection include geology, geophysical prospecting, drilling, well logging, development, storage and transportation, refining and chemistry, etc

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