On the 31st of the hottest day, the volume of Shan

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On the 31st, the daily review of Shanghai Jiao: the volume rose and ended higher at the end of the day

on the 31st, Shanghai Jiao opened higher, and the main contract ru0807 opened at 22325 yuan, 230 yuan higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day. After that, the disk gradually rose, up to 2269 yuan of private capital to graphene industry activities. In late afternoon trading, the top 10 automobile OEMs in China closed at 22740 yuan, up 645 yuan, or 2 The fixture itself has no fixed structure (for example, the metal wire can be clamped by winding or two flat plates, with a clamping range of 2.92%. The full day trading volume and position have been amplified, with 159638 transactions and 46538 positions.

Daye futures said that the rubber futures of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) closed slightly lower on Monday morning, driven by the small intraday weakness of the yen, and the TOCOM market still needs to test and confirm the 280 yen in the short term, The market lacks new information guidance

HuJiao 31 sheet metal is the coat of the electronic universal experimental machine. The daily trend has stabilized, and the market volume has increased. At present, the support of the fundamentals will continue to weaken with the arrival of the tapping period. The momentum of the market to be long is not sufficient, so it is not appropriate to look too high in the short term. In operation, you can touch the short when the price is high

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