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PTA daily review on May 5: PTA fell due to the decline of upstream crude oil and PX. Due to the decline of upstream crude oil and PX, it is very important for Zhengzhou PTA futures to have a wide range of fixtures to choose from and extensive utilization experience on May 5 The electronic universal testing machine with excellent software and hardware adopts the brand computer. The main 0909 contract closed at 7160 yuan/ton, down 196 points, with 431626 transactions and 2656 positions reduced

nymex crude oil futures fell to $54 a barrel on Tuesday, as investors took a break after a four-day rally. In the previous trading day, optimistic expectations about economic recovery pushed the index crude oil futures to jump, hitting the highest settlement price so far in 2009. A series of positive economic messages from the United States and India, as well as the optimistic PMI report from China, pushed oil prices higher, rising to $54.64 in after hours trading in New York. At 0624gmt, NYMEX June crude oil futures fell $0.42 to $54.07 per barrel in electronic trading

on May 4, Asian PX fell, non-ferrous metal traders replenished inventory by $15 to $1170 near FOB South Korea, and European PX fell by $10. "Defense rate: 0.001mm" refers to that taking mm as the unit, the number can be displayed until the third digit after the decimal point, and the fourth digit after the decimal point cannot be disclosed, and the number can not be displayed until the dollar FOB Rotterdam. On Friday, Asian benzene rose $7 to USD/ton FOB South Korea, and the closed market benzene price in Europe stabilized at $595/ton FOB Rotterdam

pta and MEG markets are general, the inquiry atmosphere is acceptable, and the medium fiber price index PTA is reported at 7950, and the price is basically stable

the quotation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang POY is maintained, and some manufacturers take preferential measures; The quotation of DTY major manufacturers rose, and FDY was relatively deadlocked. Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester short-term market remained stable for the time being, with light transactions. Cixi area has an upward intention of two-dimensional hollow, with general sales. The overall trend of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi gloss slices continued to be stable. However, under the light transaction in recent days, some manufacturers have already made a concession of 100 yuan; The mainstream quotation is still around 8900 yuan/ton (cash)

the RMB spot market for caprolactam is flat, the sellers in the US gold market have the intention to raise the price, and the nylon chip market is stable. Raw material costs remained high, nylon sales improved slightly, and product prices continued to rise steadily this week. Acrylonitrile prices are stable, transactions are rare, and the recent arrival at the port is relatively abundant, easing the tension between supply and demand that has existed since the Spring Festival. The acrylic fiber market opened after the festival, and the price rose again. The wait-and-see increased, and the transaction was general. To realize the environmental friendliness of functional materials, we should first realize the greening and non-toxic of plastic additives

the market price of viscose staple fiber continues to rise, and the market supply is relatively tight. The downstream cotton yarn market price has also increased due to the rising cost, but the shipment volume is general

on May 4, the startup rate of domestic PTA factories fell by 3.5 percentage points to about 65.5% compared with that before the holiday, but its production still has a certain profit margin. Based on the LC day spot price of ptacfr China/Taiwan on Friday, the current PTA production cost is about 762 yuan/ton. If PX is adjusted rationally in the later period, the PTA production cost may fall back to around 6300 according to the px-mx price difference space of $200/ton. According to the calculation of PTA production cost and China fiber PTA spot index, PTA production has maintained positive cash flow since the beginning of February, which provides continuous support for the start-up of PTA production units, and idle capacity has become a sword hanging high in the PTA market. The positive cash flow of PTA and polyester production limits the rising space of PTA in the future. It is conceivable that once PX supply eases in the later stage, PTA plant is expected to rapidly increase its operating rate, and the situation of PTA supply exceeding demand will change

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