On the 28th of the hottest PTA morning, the demand

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PTA early evaluation on the 28th: the demand outlook is unclear PTA or weak callback

Zhengzhou PTA futures rose across the board on May 27, of which the 1009 contract opened at 7406 yuan/ton, the highest price was 7532 yuan/ton, the lowest price was 7394 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 7526 yuan/ton, up 128 yuan or 1.73 yuan from the settlement price on May 26, with a trading volume of 648600 and a position of 269616. From a technical point of view, although PTA prices are higher in the session, the daily K-line has always been suppressed below the 5-day moving average, and the overall situation is still not optimistic

in the upstream market, after China expressed confidence in European bonds, investors re listed the symbol of a.b.c. to buy high-risk assets. New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures rose sharply on the 27th, rising to a two-week high. NYMEX July light sweet crude oil futures contract settlement rose $3.04, or 4.3%, to $74.55 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures on the ICE Futures Exchange rose $2.92, or 4.1%, to $74.66 a barrel. Crude oil futures rose 8.4% in the past two trading days. At present, the impact of the Greek and Spanish debt crises on the global economy does not seem to be as serious as originally estimated

in terms of spot goods: the PTA Market in East China is stabilizing, with a small number of offers in the market around 7300 yuan/ton, buyers are more wait-and-see, and the actual negotiation is around yuan/ton. Firm offers are scarce. The atmosphere of PTA spot market in Asia is stabilizing, with a small amount of Taiwan production 2 TLS ⑴ I ~ 20i data shows that the goods of spring tension and compression testing machine are offered near 870 US dollars/ton, and the owner is reluctant to sell at a low price. The actual negotiation is about US dollars/ton, while the negotiation of Korean products is about US dollars/ton, and the firm offer is scarce

downstream: due to overnight crude oil 13. If the price rebounds sharply, the semi-finished slicing market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang region fluctuates in a narrow range today, and the factory quotation remains unchanged, which is at yuan/ton in cash or acceptance, while the actual order negotiation is at yuan/ton, and the factory has a great intention of shipping. The market situation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang staple fiber is light, the mainstream quotation in the market is yuan/ton, and hr30t negotiation remains at the level of yuan/ton; The market trading atmosphere is still flat. The polyester Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang continued to decline, and the quotations of some factories were reduced by yuan/ton to varying degrees. Market participants had slightly different views on the future market. At present, polyester POY mainstream negotiation was yuan/ton, polyester FDY was around 11450 yuan/ton, and polyester DTY was around yuan/ton

on the whole, driven by the rise in crude oil futures prices, p-xylene in Asia closed up slightly by $4/ton on Wednesday to close at 869 75 USD FOB Korea and 887 $75 CFR China. PTA market was temporarily supported by positive conditions, and 1009 contract, the main futures contract, jumped high in early trading and went up all the way. However, the downstream polyester and polyester market remained weak, and inventories continued to increase. The spot market remained flat, the mainstream negotiated price in the domestic material market remained stable at 7, 200 yuan/ton, and the firm offer in the external market was still between US dollars/ton. Due to high profits, PTA manufacturers' operating load remains above 90%, so the spot market is in abundant supply. The downstream demand is about to enter the off-season, so it is expected that PTA will maintain a weak and volatile pattern in the aftermarket

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