On the acceptance of automation system engineering

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Brief discussion on the acceptance of water plant automation system engineering

Abstract: combined with practice, this paper briefly describes the contents and steps of the acceptance of water plant automation system engineering, as well as some ideas and suggestions

key words: automatic system engineering acceptance

in recent years, in order to adapt to the development of productivity, provide work efficiency, reduce enterprise operating costs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market economy, many domestic water plants have automated their production systems. The quality of acceptance after the completion of automation system engineering will directly affect the normal production and operation of enterprises in the future. If everything is normal at the time of system acceptance, the system will have problems soon after the system construction unit left, but due to the incomplete system data at the time of acceptance, it cannot be solved in time, or the technicians of the construction unit are not available, which delays the time of problem solving, paralyzes the automation system, and even the operation of the production system is not as convenient and reliable as before the transformation of the automation system, It seriously affects the normal operation of the production system. I think this is probably not the original intention of the leadership of the water plant to decide to carry out the automation transformation of the production system. What kind of acceptance can ensure the normal operation of the automation system after completion, make the technicians of the water plant really familiar with and take over the system, and ensure that the system failure does not depend on the system construction unit to solve it in time? As far as I know, there is no standard for automatic system engineering acceptance in the water industry at present. Next, I will talk about some ideas and experience of project acceptance with regard to our automation system engineering for peer reference

I. equipment acceptance

first, go to the site to register the equipment of the automation system one by one. The contents include the specification and model, brand, manufacturer, nameplate data, number, installation location, user department, user, operation status and maintenance of the equipment. This lays a foundation for the management of equipment after acceptance

secondly, compare the equipment situation on the equipment register with the equipment list on the contract, and then reduce the contract equipment price. For any equipment that does not conform to the contract, it is necessary to ask the construction party to provide a valid change basis (including the price of the changed equipment) approved by the water plant

II. Process acceptance

1. Construction process acceptance

first, check whether the wiring meets the standard. Is the grounding wire connected to the equipment shell simple? 6. The right angle difference between the steel bar and the steel plate is no more than 4 degrees, wrapped on the fixed bolt, or connected to the shell after welding. Whether the "braid" wire on the shielded cable is grounded after welding. Whether the wiring on the terminal strip is reliable, and whether it can be easily pulled off by hand, etc

secondly, check whether the wiring is standard. All cable joints shall be marked with marks, which shall correspond to the marks on the drawings one by one. Strong is to ensure that made in China can realize the material transformation from big to strong. The cables of basic electricity and weak electricity cannot be wired together to avoid interference. The wiring of PLC panel and control box must be organized and clear at a glance. The cables in the cable trench and bridge must be placed in order and cannot be placed randomly. Where the dark line can be used, try to use the dark line. Where the open line is really necessary, use the wiring trough plate. The wiring trough plate must be horizontal and vertical, which is both beautiful and convenient for future maintenance. A certain margin must be reserved at the places where the cables enter the box, pass through the pipe, pass through the wall, cross the road, turn, etc. for maintenance

again, check whether the alum dosing and chlorination pipeline meets the standard. Whether the pipe diameter of alum dosing and suction sail is matched with the metering pump, whether the pipe diameter of chlorine dosing is matched with the water ejector, whether the alum dosing pipeline is fixed, etc. If the pipe diameter is not matched with the equipment, the dosage of alum and chlorine may be abnormal. Because there is a certain pressure in the alum adding pipeline, if the alum adding pipeline is not fixed, it may cause damage at the pipeline joint, thus affecting the alum adding effect

2. Production process acceptance

the first step is to write a detailed system operation report for reference by the technicians of the system using department according to the system trial operation. Among them, there should be a more specific description of the process effects of the important links of the production process, such as automatic alum adding, chlorination, filter filtration, filter automatic washing, and automatic sludge discharge by sludge discharge crane. Then compare the actual operation effect of the system in the report with the actual expected effect of the contract to check whether the system meets the process design requirements

second, check whether the control signal is reliable on site. In the "remote control" state, select any number of switching values for manual operation to check their reliability. Observe whether the switching value signal sent by the computer works normally

the third step is to check the accuracy of the detection signal on site. It is measured in the laboratory that whether the voltage, current or pulse signal output by the field instrument of rock block is converted into the actual value and is consistent with the displayed value on the computer. Check whether the data in the report system and curve query system are consistent with the actual situation

III. software data acceptance

software data acceptance is the most important link in automation engineering acceptance. Because the software information directly affects the familiarity with the system in the future, it provides high-quality and low-cost biological high-molecular varieties and maintenance for downstream utilization. The types of software data are summarized as follows:

1. Construction drawings

construction drawings include the construction drawings of pipelines, civil foundation, control box and PLC panel. Check whether the drawing is consistent with the actual wiring and whether the wiring label is consistent. Especially, the wiring in the control box and PLC panel should be carefully checked, which is very important for future line maintenance

2. Equipment data

according to the compiled equipment account, check the data of the corresponding equipment, such as instructions, certificate of conformity, warranty, attached special tools and recovery software. Among them, the qualification certificate of equipment is mostly ignored, but it is necessary when the water plant carries out metrological certification, which can save a lot of verification costs

3. Installation program of development platform software

general application software needs to use various controls and protocol files of development platform software. Without the support of these software, its application software may not work properly. These software include control interface software InTouch, VB, database software sqlserver, FoxPro, access, PLC programming software rslogix500, etc

4. Drivers of various special equipment

there are many special equipment in the automation system of water plant, and once their drivers are lost, they will be difficult to find. Like InTouch dongle, if there is no correct driver, it can only be a trial version. Like the communication card (such as ab1784ktx card) connected between PLC and computer, if there is no driver

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