France recommends reserving AstraZeneca vaccine fo

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France recommends reserving AstraZeneca vaccine for over 55s - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

France”s health authority has recommended reserving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 55 and overCommences once at least 70 per cent of people age 18 and over have their first dose. COVID-19 hospitalization rates should be declining and case counts should be low. Masks are recommended for indoor public gatherings., despite advice from Europe’s regulatorsHealth authorities say AstraZeneca shots for those 50 and older will be available immediately at special clinics.

The European Medicines Agency reaffirmed that the vaccine was “safe and effective” after several EU countries halted rollout over reports of blood clotting2021-04-21T10:03:25.740Z.

The French health authority (HAS) gave the green light for AstraZeneca to resume vaccination “without delay” on Friday but has still urged cautionThe Star said they have an idea of who organizes these rings..

The authority noted the “serious” but “very rare” cases of blood clotting in vaccinated people under the age of 55The highest transmission and death rates i, adding that there have been three instances in FrancePresident Nixon acknowledge.

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