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As the paint with the largest painting area in the family and necessary for basic decoration, its environmental protection performance has been paid more and more attention

as the paint with the largest painting area in the family and necessary for basic decoration, its environmental protection performance has been paid more and more attention. However, in the market, various brands are mixed. How to choose a truly affordable and suitable paint has puzzled many consumers. Don't worry, there are experts for you: when choosing paint, pay attention to a few details and you can rest easy

brand store: Dulux Nippon Paint

detail 1: choose paint to look, smell, ask, cut

hope: look at the outer packaging and environmental protection monitoring report. Generally, the front of latex paint will be marked with name, trademark, net content, composition, use method and precautions. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life, and try to buy recently produced products. Pay attention to the test results of VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals in the environmental protection test report (or test sheet) of latex paint. The national standard VOC cannot exceed 200 grams per liter; Free formaldehyde cannot exceed 0.1g per kilogram

smell: smell the paint. The truly environmentally friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless, so it is not an ideal choice if users have pungent odor or industrial essence flavor when smelling

ask: ask about the relevant indicators. Some coatings may not mark their indicators, so the salesperson must answer their indicators responsibly

cut: try the paint by yourself, or ask the salesperson to help and observe the decorative effect of the paint

detail 2: pay attention to functionality

when purchasing, the function of latex paint is very important. Latex paint should be selected according to different parts of painting. For example, the latex paint used on the walls of bedrooms and living rooms requires strong adhesion, fine texture, good chalking resistance and air permeability; The emulsion paint of kitchen and bathroom shall be waterproof, mildew proof and easy to wash

detail 3: climatic factors in summer

high temperature, muggy and rainy in summer. When choosing latex paint, it is best to choose the following two types of latex paint:

clean flavor paint

muggy in summer. If there is peculiar smell or harmful substances in the room, it will be difficult to disperse in a short time, which will not only damage your health, but also prolong your stay in your new home. Jingwei paint not only has no odor, but also decomposes and reduces the content of harmful substances in the air. After using Jingwei lotus paint, the new house can be checked in immediately without any impact on your health and your family

latex paint with strong waterproof and antifouling properties

in summer, the room is easy to be wet, and the paint film blisters, molds and darkens on the wall. In summer, there are many suspended solids in the air, as well as flies and mosquitoes, which are easy to pollute the wall. Therefore, it is a wise move for summer home decoration to choose a latex paint with strong antifouling and waterproof function





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