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Now in the decoration of the living room environment, many Wuhan decoration owners will design a tatami suitable for leisure in a free area of the room. The appearance of tatami makes it possible to have a leisure place in the living room environment in addition to the living room. But for the owners who don't know tatami decoration, they don't know what the tatami decoration process is, so today, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian brought the steps related to tatami decoration, hoping to help the owners who need to decorate tatami

IV. painting

painting is the last step of the overall tatami decoration. Because the front and back sides of the tatami plate are painted with varnish in the process of decoration, it is very easy to paint. Painting can be carried out according to the local temperature and humidity. Paint the surface of tatami board evenly with a paint brush, and professional painters can make the surface of tatami more beautiful. After painting, you can put on the tatami mat in a few days

is it practical that such tatami can be used as both a leisure area and a temporary bed? Moreover, tatami is durable and very practical in the home environment. Knowing so much about the decoration process of tatami, you can also decorate a suitable tatami

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