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The thickness standard of solid wood composite floor

there are three kinds of solid wood composite floor thickness, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm thick, and the main difference is the price. Generally, 15mm thick ones are used in the design. If they are too thin, they are easy to deform, and if they are too thick, they are too expensive. The thickness of this solid wood composite floor can be customized, and the thickest can be 25mm

the surface of solid wood composite floor has beautiful natural texture, fine structure, rich changes, beautiful and generous color, and the visual sense is no different from that of solid wood floor. Solid wood composite floor feels comfortable: because the surface layer is solid wood skin, solid wood composite floor has appropriate elasticity, moderate friction coefficient, and is easy to use. Solid wood composite flooring is good in material, easy to process and recyclable: wood is a renewable natural material, which is the most sustainable green material among the four major materials in the world today. Among them, the solid wood composite floor with a surface layer of more than 2mm can be polished and repainted after being used. Solid wood composite floor has good geothermal adaptability. Solid wood composite floor can be applied in geothermal heating environment, which solves the problem of solid wood floor in geothermal heating environment

due to the excellent structural characteristics of solid wood flooring and composite flooring, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring, which is unidirectional and isotropic. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, which technically ensures the dimensional stability of the floor. The construction and installation of solid wood composite floor is more convenient: solid wood composite floor usually has a large format size, and can be installed directly by suspension method without keel, so that the installation is faster. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the installation cost and installation time, and avoids a series of problems caused by the poor use of keels. Excellent environmental protection performance of solid wood composite floor: because the brand of solid wood composite floor is made of solid wood and environmental protection adhesive through advanced production technology, it has good environmental protection performance and meets the mandatory national environmental protection standards





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