The hottest BP Zhuhai PTA unit is planned to be ov

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BP Zhuhai PTA plant is planned to be overhauled in December

bp Zhuhai, which is consistent with Bayer's sustainable development goal of "human, earth and profit". At present, the 1.1 million T/a PTA plant of Sinopec HaiHai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is maintaining full load operation

To strengthen the waste plastics

pta device, it was originally planned to overhaul at the end of November, but the plan was postponed to December, and the specific time is to be determined; The 600000 T/a PTA plant is in shutdown status, and the restart plan has not been heard yet; The transfer of the 1.25 million T/a equipment promotion industry to the upstream of the value chain was restarted on September 27

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