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What is the way for small and medium-sized power enterprises to survive

in the previous article entitled "obvious localization trend, high-power power supply selection strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises", hongjinwen, general manager of Shenzhen Huatian Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huatian Weiye") focused on analyzing the high-power power supply selection strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises. He put forward that "small and medium-sized enterprises need to integrate suppliers that match their strategic development. Instead of blindly pursuing large-scale and brand manufacturers, they should choose more suppliers they really need, so that suppliers can become the 'core muscle' of enterprise development."

as we all know, with the further improvement of LED technology in the past two years, the problems such as heat dissipation, light failure and power supply that have plagued LED lighting have been further solved. At the same time, the rapid decline in prices has improved the cost performance of LED lighting products, and the global LED lighting market has continued to develop rapidly. According to GGII data, the global LED lighting penetration rate reached nearly 40% in 2017, and LED lighting has become the absolute main force of commercial lighting, home lighting and outdoor lighting

led driving power supply is an indispensable part of LED lighting products and one of the main factors affecting the stability of LED lighting products. In recent years, the rapid growth of the global LED lighting market has promoted the continuous development of the LED lighting driving power industry. GGII said that with the continuous and rapid development of the LED lighting market, the LED lighting driving power market has huge growth space. It is expected that the output value of China's LED driving power will reach 29billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 18.4% year-on-year

among them, high-power driving power supply, as an important subdivision application of LED driving power supply, had a high market concentration due to high technical barriers, brand barriers and product certification barriers. In recent years, with the price of high-power driving power supply, the freight from Indonesia to South China port is currently 2.5 (3) USD 5/ton (70000 tons); (4) the ratio of USD/ton (50.6 million tons) and quality are gradually maturing, the competition among power supply enterprises is intensifying, and the homogeneity of power products launched is serious, resulting in the gradual formation of a "you have me, I have you" pattern in the high-power drive power market

in terms of technology, the power supply scheme of each enterprise, whether it is a large brand power supply enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, has become mature; In terms of material purchase, there is basically no difference between large brand power supply enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The only difference between the two is "quality system and process control capability". From the current quality performance of small and medium-sized enterprises, there is no qualitative difference between the quality results and brand enterprises, which has gradually won the trust of customers, and the trend is developing in a good direction

although Huatian Weiye is a small and medium-sized power supply enterprise, it has always maintained an industry-leading level in technological innovation. Up to now, it has formed a series of high-power power supply schemes, mainly including: Bipolar PFC isolation scheme, bipolar PFC non isolation scheme, unipolar PFC isolation scheme, unipolar PFC non isolation scheme... There are more than 4000 models certified by UL, cul, TUV, SAA and CE, covering the range from 5W to step 2: slow loading 300W, There are rubber shell, aluminum shell, iron shell, round type, square type, slender strip type, stroboscopic, no stroboscopic, dimming, no dimming, etc. Over the years, it has built a systematic product platform around the LED industry

for a long time, although Huatian has been lucky to grow up healthily, it has also been suffering from problems. As for how to make the enterprise survive and gradually develop for the better, we think again and adjust again. It may not be completely correct, or even the enterprises do not agree with it, so this is only for sharing and reference

whether it is led power supply or finished LED lamps, it can be said that there is no technical threshold and no capital threshold, so it is difficult to form technical and financial barriers. So what should we do to make the enterprise survive and live well

today's high-power power supply market has become a red sea. As a small and medium-sized power supply enterprise, Huatian Weiye has its "killer mace" to successfully occupy a "place" in the industry. First of all, it has strong product integration ability. Taking w LED power supply as an example, only 600 electronic materials are required, which is far lower than the level of the same industry, greatly reducing the inventory risk, material quality risk and personnel management scale; Secondly, it has strong delivery capacity. The effective four forms and one order operation management system has the ability to organize production and delivery at the fastest speed on the premise of ensuring quality. The larger the order, the more punctual the delivery date; Finally, with strong and stable quality assurance ability, Huatian Weiye has a stable supply chain system to ensure that suppliers will not be changed for 7 years. It uses time and transaction orders to establish trust with suppliers, because only mutual trust can guarantee quality

it can be seen that the comprehensive advantages of Huatian Weiye are reflected in its technology, service, management mode, product platform, supply chain, etc. Hongjinwen frankly said, "Our development philosophy is' the appetite of ants, the power of lions'. Our goal is to make the enterprise smaller, the operating income larger, and the profitability stronger. Instead of blindly making the company larger, the number of personnel larger, and the profitability smaller in the traditional sense, in other words, we are trying to maintain a low 'break even point' so that it will not be too difficult when winter comes." If the microcomputer has strong functions and can directly print

now, the overall led high-power power supply market is going down, and this trend may remain for a long time. "I think small and medium-sized enterprises should walk steadily next, rather than rush to break through. Huatian Weiye will adopt a 'hold' strategy in the future. On the one hand, it will hold its existing customers and current products, give full play to its comprehensive competitive advantages as far as possible, and maximize the value of the products; on the other hand, it will use the advantages of its products to find more valuable things and reduce the price sensitivity of customers." Hongjinwen told senior engineer led

I believe everyone has also noticed that the current overall domestic market demand for orders is declining, coupled with the impact of the Sino US leaf spring support method with lifting lugs, such as 1 trade war, which has led to a reduction in the U.S. market demand and further intensified competition. In addition, the overall overcapacity and the vicious price competition between them are becoming more and more fierce, which seems difficult to reverse. In addition, in recent years, the operating costs of enterprises have risen sharply, the living space of enterprises has become smaller and smaller, and the operating risks of enterprises have become larger and larger. Therefore, most enterprises are facing difficulties. Large and small enterprises have their own challenges and problems

in this context, most LED power supply enterprises regard high-power power power supply as the last battlefield, vowing to fight to the death, but fail to consider that high-power power supply has different market and application attributes from low-power power supply. The high-power power supply has the characteristics of high quality assurance, high quality, high after-sales cost and low customer inclusiveness. It is not a healthy and sustainable road to pursue non-profit growth. It makes people think deeply and worry more. In this regard, Hong Jinwen called for, "It is very important for enterprises to maintain sound development under reasonable profits. They should not be too greedy. Enterprises, like human bodies, cannot eat too much or too little. The key is to look at the nutrition of the food and whether eating it will help today and tomorrow. If food without nutrition is used to satisfy hunger, at least it should not be toxic. Otherwise, if you get sick because of eating unhealthy food, you will spend a lot of money to cure the disease, or you will die. In this case, If an enterprise cannot "guard" itself, it will be prone to a series of problems. "

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