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The sales volume has exceeded 10000 for 3 consecutive months, and the Chenglong brand has started a new chapter

the sales volume has exceeded 10000 for three consecutive months, and the Chenglong brand has opened a new chapter

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in a football match, a team member kicked the ball into the opponent's goal three times, which was called a "hat trick". In other fields, people use it to describe three consecutive successes. After the sales volume exceeded 10000 in April and may, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong's sales volume exceeded 10000 again in June. So far, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile commercial vehicles have sold more than 10000 vehicles in April, may and June 2020, presenting a "hat trick" in the field of commercial vehicles

on June 7, 2020, at the 4th cltruck 67 brand day event, Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle officially released the new cltruck brand system and comprehensively started the brand rejuvenation journey. The sales volume of over 10000 for three consecutive months this time is not only the strength embodiment of the new brand and new height of Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle, but also laid a solid foundation for the brand rejuvenation of cltruck. In the future, Chenglong brand will continue to focus on customers, deepen customer value in terms of products, services and channel contacts, and is determined to be a professional logistics and transportation leader close to users

focus on user value and continue to promote brand rejuvenation

on June 7, at the fourth 67 brand day event, Chenglong ordered 3675 units through an online car booking activity. In the single month after the launch of Chenglong's new brand system, Chenglong achieved a "good start" in June sales, once again conveying the brand height of the new Chenglong to the outside world. After the rejuvenation, "Chenglong" is not just "automobile". From Chenglong automobile to Chenglong automobile, it is necessary to realize the upgrading from "making cars" to integrating the technological ecology of the automobile industry; Upgrading from providing products to providing comprehensive logistics operation solutions; Change from focusing on vehicles to focusing on people and customers

after renewal, cltruck will comprehensively upgrade its product technology, service experience and channel contacts. In terms of product technology, we will continue to strengthen the application of "five modernizations" technology, especially in the aspect of intelligent connection, and accelerate the commercialization of array driving, port parks and highway demonstration areas; At the same time, it will cooperate with leading international and domestic enterprises to build a technology alliance and build a technology ecosystem. From 2020 to 2021, each platform of Chenglong will be upgraded to 3.0 products, and a new generation of platform products of Chenglong will be launched successively after 2022

10 major events in China's aluminum processing and aluminum application industry in 2015. A good brand should not only be innovative in products and technologies, but also be close to the consumption value and service preference of the new era, focus on customer pain points and realize value-added for customers. Chenglong is well aware of this. In terms of service, Chenglong will continue to integrate upstream and downstream resources of the industry with customers as the center, provide customers with value-added services throughout the life cycle, and build a TCO value ecosystem for card friends; Under the leadership of the new service experience brand "Chenglong", Chenglong will further improve the timeliness of services, build an intelligent service platform, and launch predictive services, hosting services, and process visualization services to reassure customers

in terms of channel contacts, Chenglong will improve the customer experience in an all-round way both online and offline. The offline image store will create a four-dimensional "two rooms, one hall and one area", namely, lounge, entertainment room, experience hall and test drive. In addition, intelligent VR technology will be introduced online to build an exhibition hall, so that customers can experience Chenglong's products and services without leaving home

continue to build a TCO value circle and globally empower customer operation

in order to improve customer operation value and provide customers with efficient and convenient one-stop services, cltruck has built a strong scientific research team based on the principle of "TCO value ecosystem", focusing on the customer value throughout the user's life cycle, accurately breaking through the user's pain points, and committed to providing customers with easy access to, worry free and worry free cars An all-round operation solution that makes it easy to change cars. In the car purchase stage, it provides users with product customization and differentiation. The equipment is used to display value-added services such as pressure modification of the oil pump and quick credit consumption, so that the concept of "easy access to cars" can be truly realized from the virtual to the real; In the aspect of "worry free vehicle management", it provides users with value-added services such as driver management, behavior management, shift line and supply support, so as to realize the informatization, intelligence and transparency of customer vehicle management; In addition, through one-stop service guarantee, service trusteeship, second-hand car business and other services, cltruck helps customers easily realize "worry free use of cars" and "easy change of cars"

in addition, Chenglong recently launched the activity of "one million operation officers" to help users correctly understand vehicle costs and improve operation efficiency

brave to rise to the forefront, create a new chapter, forge ahead and build a chapter! In the future, Chenglong will adhere to the concept of "customer-centric" and continue to provide customers with more and better products and services. In the subsequent journey of brand rejuvenation, Chenglong will also take advantage of the momentum to help China's logistics industry take off and set an example for the development of China's independent commercial vehicle brands

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