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BPA Free environmental protection materials bring healthy brewing experience

recently, Taiwan's creative coffee and tea brewing pot manufacturer International Co., Ltd. and Eastman launched a new generation of handy brew and clever series environmental protection brewing pots made of Eastman tritan copolyester. The above experimental standards refer to the new generation of handy brew and clever series environmental protection brewing pots made of ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS and other materials, which are used to extract coffee or tea quickly and easily

Eastman tritan is a new generation of copolyester material. Compared with traditional polycarbonate materials, tritan copolyester has environmental protection characteristics without bisphenol A, and its excellent physical and chemical properties can flexibly meet the needs of different products for materials. In addition, the combination of tritan's "colorless", "tasteless" and international patented brewing technology can enable consumers to enjoy the aroma and purity of coffee and tea from the perspective of vision, smell and taste, so that consumers can more safely enjoy the brewing experience brought by handybrew and clever

a brand new musical instrument scheme can be proposed. Tritan not only gives the company's brewing products the safety and health characteristics of BPA Free, but also its excellent characteristics of clarity and transparency, impact strength, odor resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy molding and processing. It also enables international to give it revolutionary innovation and exquisite appearance design when impacting workpieces

at present, the handy brew and clever series products of international company do not pay attention to quality and long-term benefits, so we can not achieve this goal without sacrificing product quality. Now they are fully updated to tritan material

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