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The brand exhibition of China's flooring industry met again in Beijing in March 19. The brand exhibition of China's flooring industry met again in Beijing in March 19. August 29, 2018. The annual event of China's flooring industry - the 7th China (Beijing) International Flooring Expo and the 7th China (Beijing) International Flooring materials and equipment exhibition, the 4th China (Beijing) International elastic flooring and sports venues exhibition The 2019 China (Beijing) International Carpet Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as floortech 2019 Beijing flooring exhibition) will be held in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao old country exhibition) on March, 2019. The 7th floortech Beijing flooring exhibition will expand its scale by another 30% on the basis of the good trade response of previous exhibitions. It will comprehensively gather the first-line flooring brand enterprises in the flooring, sports ground, commercial floor and carpet industries. With continuous deepening of publicity, greater audience organization, customized industry forums and rich procurement docking and construction demonstration activities, it will once again attract the wide participation of supply and demand groups in the whole industry, Widely radiate North China, Northeast China, East China and Northwest China, and once again build an ideal trade exchange and brand promotion platform for China's flooring industry

the 6th China (Beijing) International geosynthetics Expo was successfully held in Beijing on March 17, 2018. The exhibition area increased by 23% over the previous year, and the number of visitors increased by 28%. The exhibition focused on the latest technologies, materials, equipment and solutions in the industry, bringing together more than 210 brand exhibitors in the flooring industry. At the same time, the exhibition attracted more than 86000 dealers, agents, purchasers, manufacturers, construction units, architects, design institutes, hospitals, schools, sports systems, real estate development institutions and other visitors, as well as international purchasers from India, Uzbekistan, Outer Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, South Africa and other places. The scene was very popular. At the same time, the exhibition also held a number of special procurement matchmaking meetings and ground construction demonstration meetings, which achieved fruitful brand promotion and trade results

as the first large-scale exhibition in the field of flooring materials to be held after the Spring Festival in China, floortech 2019 Beijing flooring Expo and Beijing flooring exhibition, Beijing elastic flooring and sports ground exhibition and Beijing carpet exhibition are expected to use five pavilions of the old China International Exhibition, and it is expected to attract nearly 90000 people. The most common one is the so-called "crawling" dealers, agents, designers, construction units, decoration companies The owner and purchaser (primary and secondary schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, commercial places, sports places, nursing homes), real estate developers, property companies and other professional audience groups attended the site. In the 2019 Beijing flooring Expo, the exhibition area will be set up in accordance with the five categories of flooring materials, ground machinery, sports venues, commercial floors and carpets, of which the sports venues and carpets will have a great expansion to enhance customers' favorable impression of Jinan Shijin itself through our services. At the same time, the organizing committee will also carry out counterpart publicity for different types of flooring materials, widely organize dealers, construction units, decoration companies, various owners, purchasers and designers from all over the world to visit, and jointly hold more exchange and docking activities with a number of institutions. It will customize and invite developers, designers and professionals in primary and secondary schools, hospitals, factories, stadiums, hotels and other fields to visit and purchase, Improve the trade effect of the exhibition

during the exhibition, Beijing geomaterial exhibition will also grandly hold 2019 China geomaterial week series activities, and hold a series of forum exchange and interactive docking activities around industry development, trade docking and procurement, demonstration and application of materials and process equipment, including: floortech 2019 China geomaterial industry summit, 2019 China geomaterial week and Beijing geomaterial Expo annual dinner, 2019 geomaterial construction management forum, real estate developer procurement docking meeting Hospital ground material construction procurement matchmaking meeting, school ground special procurement matchmaking meeting, hotel ground material procurement matchmaking meeting, ground engineering designer salon, high-quality ground engineering cases that also play a great role in safety work, etc. At that time, many technical experts in the flooring industry, architectural designers, developers, schools, hospitals and other representatives of the owner and the construction unit will gather together to conduct in-depth discussions on such topics as local flooring engineering cases, docking of special procurement of flooring, flooring design and application, flooring dealers' pain points, flooring construction technology and process, and conduct dynamic communication and operation demonstration in combination with on-site mutual deformation accuracy, Promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in the local material industry

in addition, the 7th China (Beijing) International geomaterials Expo will still cooperate with the largest comprehensive building materials exhibition in the North - the 7th four new exhibitions of building engineering, dry mixed mortar exhibition, wallpaper cloth art exhibition and other brand building materials exhibitions to use Beijing old country exhibition and new country exhibition to build a 280000 square meter exhibition platform for the whole building industry, including dealers, design institutions, developers, construction units, decoration companies 220000 professional visitors, including owners, purchasers and overseas buyers, built a one-stop procurement and exchange platform

March is not only the beginning of spring, but also an ideal time for channel expansion, new product release and purchasing material selection every year. The 7th China (Beijing) International Flooring Expo 2019 will once again be based in the north, radiate across the country, join hands with the vast supply and demand groups in the fields of flooring, sports venues, resilient flooring and carpets, and continue to promote economic and trade cooperation and exchanges in China's flooring industry

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