The hottest brand in hardware industry

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The hardware industry has become a famous brand

if you open the computer and use Baidu to search for the keyword "brand", you can find about 100million relevant results, and the words we often use such as "love", "people" and "country" do not exceed its number of results; The word "brand" has long been not only a professional term in the industrial and commercial circles, but also has entered the daily life of millions of people. It is understood that for enterprises, it can play an irreplaceable great power in the market competition. When the bucktooth test piece reaches the set value, it is the only weapon for businesses to win a high premium, and it has also become a discriminator for consumers to identify goods. "Even some people are not consuming products but brands", which is one of the reasons why the word brand is so hot. In fact, the word "brand" corresponds to different understandings and definitions given by the professional academic circles, the industrial fatigue testing machine, the business circles based on the principle of electromagnetic resonance, and each of us ordinary people. So what is the definition of brand? The generally accepted views are: view 1: brand is a complex symbol; It is the sum of product attributes, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, advertising methods, etc; Viewpoint 2: brand is a set of assets (or liabilities) associated with brand name and logo, which can increase (reduce) the value of a product or service. Viewpoint 3: brand is a name that consumers use to distinguish products. Its value is determined by consumers' physical and psychological feelings. Product or service is its carrier, but it exists in the mind of consumers. Let △ e

it is easy to equate brands with trademarks. In fact, there are many differences between them. First of all, "brand" is not a "trademark". "Brand" refers to the symbol of a product or service. The symbolic identification mark refers to "trademark". The areas covered by the brand must include the management of goodwill, products, corporate culture and overall operation. Therefore, brand is not a symbol of thinness, but the overall competition of an enterprise, or the total competitiveness of an enterprise. The brand not only includes the "name" said by Walter ripple, vice president and general manager of PolyOne thermoplastic elastomer department, but also extends to the plane vision system and even the stereo vision system of the series. However, it is often narrowed to a series of consciousness and expectations around products or services in people's consciousness, becoming an abstract image sign, and even equating the brand with a specific trademark. People identify the psychological factors of a brand from the experience factors of the brand. The experience factor usually consists of the use experience of the brand, while the psychological factor consists of the brand image, that is, the symbolic logo created by all the information and expectations associated with the product or service. A brand is first of all an exclusive commercial symbol, that is, a trademark. Then, this symbol needs to be recognized by people, that is, to have meaning

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