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In depth interpretation of the brand: catching up with Siemens by Delixi is the goal pursued by Delixi, a famous electrical brand in China. For more than 20 years, Delixi has been forging ahead on the road of catching up with Siemens, deducing one wonderful legend after another

In June, 1984, after years of hard work outside, huchengzhong wanted to set up a factory. After seven years of supply and marketing, he has some knowledge of the market. Low voltage electrical products are in short supply and have a good prospect. It is better to set up a factory than to sell products. As long as the quality is good, he will not worry about no sales. Soon, huchengzhong, his brother and a friend raised 50000 yuan and set up a family factory with only eight workers in his own home to produce a product called thermal relay. This factory is actually just a small workshop. What's its name? Huchengzhong thought about it from left to right: at that time, there were so many Liushi electric appliance factories that counterfeiting and shoddy became common, leading to frequent accidents. Just call it Qiujing switch factory! Huchengzhong had an idea. He knew that to make this small factory a success, the products he produced must be kept improving. Only reliable quality can make the brand sound

he went to Shanghai for three times and finally invited wangzhongjiang, an engineer retired from the people's Electrical Appliance Factory. With the help of Wang Gong, huchengzhong quickly set up the first electrical testing laboratory for domestic private enterprises at that time. As the quality has been guaranteed, Qiujing switch factory has grown rapidly and taken a solid first step on the road of brand development

brand origin

with the rapid development of Qiujing switch factory, huchengzhong and his partners had differences in business ideas, and decided to divide the factory into two in 1990. Huchengzhong took the lead in carrying out joint-stock reform, successively absorbing 8 shareholders, introducing foreign capital and establishing new enterprises

a night in the early winter of 1991. The second floor of the old house with green tiles and old bricks. Huchengzhong sat opposite wangzhongjiang, a high-level counselor who helped to start a business, and discussed to give a name to the newly established enterprise

give the new factory a name. The first word should be German. Huchengzhong made a start

huchengzhong said that morality is the first in all things, morality is the first, self-cultivation comes first, and self-cultivation comes first. No matter what line you do, you should follow the German character

good, good German character! Wangzhongjiang nodded. Do you always have a goal to strive for in running an enterprise? Wangzhongjiang is both a supplement and a reminder

huchengzhong pondered, how can he remain the leader among his domestic peers? Our goal is to be strong in the world! When asked that Siemens is the largest electrical appliance manufacturer in the world, huchengzhong said decisively: take another word. Is to catch up with Siemens

yes, we should be ambitious and surpass Siemens! Wangzhongjiang applauded

Germany and West are not easy to talk about, so we have to add a word in the middle. Huchengzhong said that in order to make money in running an enterprise, we should stress efficiency and put the word "profit" into practice

that's tacky. Wangzhongjiang took over and said

force, force of force! Huchengzhong and wangzhongjiang shouted almost at the same time

in the spring of 1992, a big signboard of Wenzhou Delixi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. covered in red silk was prominently hung at the gate of the factory

in the next few years, Delixi was like an express driving on the highway, moving forward unexpectedly. From 1996 to 1998, more than 80 member enterprises joined Delixi. After unifying the trademark, sales and quality management of member enterprises, Delixi's enterprise scale has expanded rapidly, and its market share has been continuously improved. Delixi's brand is well-known, and the member enterprises have also been well developed

on May 10, 2000, Ouyue land, which had just been baptized by a morning rain, was extraordinarily spiritual and beautiful. Jiang Zemin, then general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the state, thus destroying the entire product structure of the CMC, accompanied by Zeng Qinghong, Zhang Dejiang, chaisongyue and others, went to Delixi. When visiting the image exhibition hall on the second floor, General Secretary Jiang asked: why is it called Delixi

huchengzhong, who was accompanied by him, replied: virtue means virtue rewards mankind; Force is to create the future; West is to catch up with Siemens

the general secretary said: Oh, very good

On May 1st, 2001, nearly a year later, Hu Jintao, then member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice president of the state, accompanied by Zhang Dejiang and others, inspected Delixi, which once again greatly encouraged the Delixi people

accompanied by Hu Chengzhong, Vice President Hu visited the image exhibition hall on the second floor with great interest and asked about the development scale and products of the enterprise. Hu Chengzhong answered them one by one. A picture of Delixi establishing a joint venture deeply attracted Vice President Hu Jintao. He turned and asked huchengzhong:

did your Delixi name begin in 1992

yes. Huchengzhong replied

what does Delixi mean

virtue is to repay mankind, force is to create the future, and the west is to catch up with and surpass the West

OK! Good! Vice President Hu Jintao and the provincial and municipal leaders present smiled

from the name of Delixi to huchengzhong's answer to the questions of the two general secretaries, it is not difficult to find that Germany has risen to the highest concept of the enterprise to repay mankind and create the future

In 1999, huchengzhong made a bold decision: relying on his own strength, he tried to develop products with intellectual property rights

determine the goal and take immediate action

a special R & D team was established. After half a year of research and development, a product with better performance than CJ10 came out. Delixi people named it CDC10 series contactor

cdc10 is the first successful attempt made by Delixi researchers. Its symbolic significance is far greater than its practical significance, because it marks the first solid step taken by the Delixi people on the road of independent research and development

after hard research, Delixi's CD7 series products came out! Then came the CD17 series of products

a family of electrical products covering 12 categories and more than 30000 specifications has been formed in Wenzhou

the butterfly comes from the flower. The guests from Baosteel, Qinshan nuclear power station and Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center are here! Even the guests from Mongolia and Pakistan Gwadar Port came! Up to now, Delixi has obtained 285 national patents and won three national science and technology progress awards in 2004, 2008 and 2009. In October, 2006, Delixi technology center was recognized as the first national enterprise technology center in the same industry by five national ministries and commissions

in April, 2002, on a day when the spring breeze was warm and flowers competed for beauty, Delixi people beat their competitors participating in the bidding and took a big order: to produce electrical products for China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

to do this, you must use your own products! Moreover, we should mobilize all forces to systematically tackle key problems, meticulously organize production, and offer high-quality products to Jiuquan. At a special meeting, huchengzhong categorically rejected the proposal to use the products of a well-known foreign electrical appliance company in Jiuquan's products

therefore, Delixi Group gathered the best electrical experts, quality management personnel and production workers to form a scientific and technological research team. A series of production and research activities were carried out in Delixi

Jiuquan has special climatic conditions. The lowest temperature is below minus 25 ℃, far exceeding the national standard. When operating under ultra-low temperature, the lubricating oil on the operating mechanism of products such as plastic case circuit breaker may solidify, thus affecting the normal operation of the product. They decided to replace the ordinary lubricating oil with the special aviation lubricating oil on the aircraft. This improvement has increased the single cost from a few cents to several hundred yuan, but the applicable environmental range of electrical appliances has been expanded to minus 40 ℃ to hundreds of ℃ to meet the demand for products under harsh environmental conditions

according to the requirements of Jiuquan special environment, technicians should improve the mechanical components of CDMI plastic shell circuit breaker. As there is no precedent before, it is difficult to obtain relevant data such as the maximum mechanical life of the product. The technical personnel who participated in the project worked continuously for 7 days and nights while operating and recording. After 168 hours of testing, they came to a conclusion

in June, 2003, Delixi sent a commissioning team composed of 11 electrical experts to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center for full performance test of products. From the coast of the East China Sea to the northwest frontier, the experts were unable to adapt to the local dry, Sandy and high-altitude environment. Their lips were dry and cracked, they often had nosebleed, and they would be out of breath after walking a few steps of stairs. But they worked overtime, tested each component one by one, and then tested the system. Once, shortly after the expert group left the power distribution room, it suddenly became dark and overcast the sun. A strong wind mixed with yellow sand came to our faces. It took more than two hours to blow. We didn't return to our residence for lunch until more than 3 p.m. that day. Delixi expert group stayed there for more than 20 days and successfully completed all commissioning and testing tasks

On October 15, 2003, huchengzhong, as the exclusive supplier of low-voltage electrical appliances and the only representative of private entrepreneurs, was invited to watch the launch of Shenzhou V with Party and state leaders at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. At that time, he was most excited and nervous. The launch took about 40 seconds, and his heart was still hanging. The rocket ignited, followed by the earth shaking roar, and the Shenzhou soared into the air! Yes, the launch is successful! The Chinese people have realized the Millennium flight and are here to recommend an industry event that can not be missed - tianmeng on November 16 (1) 7, 2017. Delixi Electric has withstood the most rigorous and authoritative special test

since Shenzhou V, Delixi Electric has made its own contributions to the successful launching of Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII, Tiangong-1 3 sampling methods, Shenzhou VIII and Shenzhou IX. Delixi Electric has also established a low-voltage electrical equipment testing room in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. All electrical equipment entering the launch center must be tested by Delixi testing center

from the difficult start of Qiujing switch factory to helping Shenzhou fly to the sky, Delixi is constantly moving towards the goal of catching up with and surpassing the West

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