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Steel spot market: from management oriented to service-oriented transformation

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steel spot market: from management oriented to service-oriented transformation

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the proportion of core exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. At present, due to changes in the market operating environment, the steel spot market has entered a cyclical trough in the industry. At present, due to changes in the market operating environment, the steel spot market has entered a cyclical trough in the industry. Some of the steel spot market, which was once brilliant, has been left out in the cold. Insiders said that the traditional management platform of homogenization of the steel spot market in the past can no longer meet the needs of changes in the market environment, especially today, with the popularity of Internet technology, it is far from enough for the market to do a good job in management. It is urgent to create an upgraded steel spot market

industry experts said that according to the different conditions of the steel spot market and the early exploration of some steel markets, the current management market should be upgraded to a service market

create a service platform from the concept

the emergence and existence of the traditional steel spot market has its own 1150mm (excluding fixtures) (Standard Specification) connecting plate walking space. However, for market managers, their foothold is only based on management functions, lacking diversified services for business needs, and the industry will inevitably enter the red sea of homogeneous competition

it can be clearly seen from the difficult profitability of the steel market in recent years: with the change of the market operating environment, coupled with the continuous increase of labor costs, various operating costs and customer loss, the managed steel spot market has encountered bottlenecks in its operation. In order to achieve a breakthrough, we can only change the concept and change the management market into a service market, that is, to exchange services for profit points. Compared with other industrial chains, the iron and steel industry chain is relatively lengthy. The iron and steel logistics industry is in the midstream with upstream production enterprises on one hand and downstream terminals on the other hand, which is convenient to find all kinds of needs from upstream and downstream links, which also provides a basis for designing targeted and effective services

for example, a few years ago, some steel logistics departments involved in repeated pledge were severely sanctioned by relevant departments, and many large enterprises have the need to build their own warehouses. According to the information obtained by the author recently, some steel markets have responded positively to the needs of enterprises to build their own warehouses, and some have been listed for operation. Although some steel traders have no storage resources, they are also actively looking for relevant steel markets and warehouses based on long-term customer inventory needs, hoping to find their own profit points in such cooperation

to upgrade and transform from managed steel market to service-oriented steel market is to get rid of the role of manager in concept, and become the builder of service platform in practice, share existing resources with upstream, middle and downstream customers in the industrial chain, and provide effective and valuable services according to customer needs

strengthen services with Internet technology

with the popularity of Internet, Internet technology is more and more widely used in the field of steel logistics. When building a service platform in the steel spot market, we should make full use of Internet technology to integrate the existing business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow and talent flow, and better provide symmetrical services for resident customers through Internet, enhance market cohesion, and discover and tap new profit growth points. Of course, building a service platform based on the spot steel market requires a certain amount of investment in advance. The amount of investment should be determined according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Don't be greedy for perfection. From the past practice, most of the over investment in advance failed to achieve the expected results, but will increase investment pressure on enterprises, which will lead to accountability for Internet applications

generally speaking, the establishment of a service platform in the steel spot market is based on meeting the needs of resident customers. Unlike third-party e-commerce, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in the software and hardware of the platform. The following aspects need to be done: first, establish a local area in the market, and focus on straightening out the internal management of the market, so as to create a good business atmosphere for resident customers, so that customers are willing to enter, and can safely do a good job in business. Second, make use of the market's own resources to cooperate with relevant information stations and make use of social resources to do a good job in information services. Third, do a good job in the integration of on-site customer resources, organize on-site customers in the form of franchise, and establish centralized procurement and distribution channels. The goal of the first stage of this platform can be set as a station that can meet the needs of internal transactions in the market and provide various services required by the transaction to resident customers who are willing to join. On the basis of providing value-added services to customers, the service platform can obtain its own profit points

after meeting the various needs of resident customers, the service platform built in the steel spot market can further launch social service projects. By then, the Internet may have been integrated into the three linkage, cloud computing relying on big data may have taken root, and the service platform of the spot market will be integrated. At that time, the service platform will melt into the industrial chain service platform and become a pawn in the development layout of the national steel industry

refine services with differentiated competition

the ring stiffness testing machine built in the steel spot market, for example, is usually suitable for the enhanced service platform of equipment. In fact, it is more like an e-commerce station that provides comprehensive services required by relevant steel logistics in the virtual and real markets. We can refine services, formulate necessary rules of the game, strengthen effective supervision on the basis of self-discipline of participants, create a controllable business environment in the steel spot market, and avoid market operation risks to a certain extent

to build a service platform in the steel spot market, it is reasonable to refine various services according to the actual needs of steel trade. For example, in providing financing guarantee services, we should learn lessons, strengthen the supervision of special funds, introduce commercial factoring business, and establish a traceable and effective mechanism to make the loan funds subject to the controllable scope of the service platform. In this way, it can not only meet the capital needs of resident customers, but also avoid the risks in capital operation

for another example, in the operation of steel trade in the previous stage, there were many problems focused on repeated pledge. In operation, in order to reduce the high cost caused by two logistics, it has always advocated the separation of business flow and logistics. However, in the specific operation, some stakeholders, based on their own interests, intentionally or unintentionally separate the main goods in logistics into cargo rights and property rights. Because the third-party supervision only pays attention to the custody of property rights, it believes that as long as there are many physical objects, it will do its best to supervise. In fact, in addition to the physical object itself, there are also cargo rights constituted by relevant bills. In the actual pledge loan, the lending unit is often authenticated by bills, which opens the door to repeated pledge. Therefore, in the service platform set up in the steel spot market, we should refine the service in the following ways: set a grid rule between the two punctuation marks, and control the tickets symbolizing the right of goods and the corresponding physical objects

provide professional services according to needs

when traditional services are subdivided, it will be found that each link in the steel logistics sequence contains a large number of needs that need professional services to solve. In the transportation link, professional services are needed to reduce the no-load problem of vehicles and effectively reduce costs; In the storage link, we need to reasonably plan the warehouse layout with professional services to reduce unnecessary duplication of labor; In the distribution process, we need to rely on professional services to scientifically match various different needs, so as to maximize material savings as much as possible; In the processing link, professional service organizations are needed to organize various processing means to meet the requirements of the terminal for blanks, effectively help the terminal improve labor productivity, and use professional services guided by professional knowledge to improve the quality of services. This is the only way for the industry to innovate services, and its purpose is only one: to provide value-added services with high satisfaction by scientific and reasonable means

of course, among the many professional services mentioned above, some can be achieved within the enterprise, some can only be solved by using social resources, and some depend on the market, operation and technical environment. In either case, the steel spot market, as a service platform, should have the ability to provide diversified services. Therefore, when upgrading from a management platform to a service platform, we should abandon the idea of waiting, relying, and being important, and implement the upgrade in a planned and step-by-step manner

in terms of the specific steps of upgrading, we should follow the principle of "easy first, difficult later, step by step". Start from the inside of the enterprise, and then develop from inside to outside. If possible, we can make some basic preparations for service projects that must rely on the market, business and technical environment. For example, first do a good job in market research, find out the resources owned by the resident enterprises, set a comprehensive utilization plan, straighten out the processes involving steel logistics in the market, and clarify the role of the service platform in business flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow and talent flow (five flows). Since then, the service model has been formulated based on the role, and the service platform has been used to cooperate with relevant enterprises to obtain resources to serve the five streams of the market, so as to effectively attract more customers to enter the market. After comprehensively mastering the on-site customer resources, focus on analyzing the terminal needs and setting the distribution and processing plan. Among them, relevant processing, transportation and risk prevention can be entrusted to a third party. In particular, in the processing link, we should not simply stay on the opening and leveling of coiled plates, but also provide deep processing services. For example, provide steel members, various kinds of workers, grooves, corners, H-shaped steel, etc. after cutting for the construction site; Provide the factory with blanks after deep processing, such as shearing, punching, forging, casting and metal processing. In the transportation link, multimodal transport can be implemented on the basis of resource integration, and the potential of drop and hitch transportation can be exploited as much as possible in automobile transportation, and the cargo collection function of the service platform can be used to effectively reduce the no-load rate. In addition, in the process of building an upgraded version of the steel spot market, we should also make rational use of electronic information technology, while doing a good job in steel logistics, accumulate experience in bulk commodity logistics, and make all-round preparations for the arrival of the era of three integration big data

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