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China finance futures: there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the spot, PTA weak consolidation

boosted by the positive economic expectations that began to tend to be optimistic, NYMEX crude oil futures rose overnight, but then fell 5. 5% due to U.S. stocks The increase was limited by the setback of firmware fastening, but 5 Spring amplitude: 0 (5) 0mm; It still closed at the highest level in nearly six months. The settlement price of NYMEX June crude oil futures closed higher by US $0.37, or 0.7%, and closed at US $56.71 per barrel. Despite the rise in crude oil, PTA continued to be suppressed by short funds on Friday and maintained the current weak consolidation situation. The main contract ta909 of PTA opened after 7178 in the morning, and the price remained weak and volatile. In the afternoon, the futures price rose slightly, and finally ended the day's trading with 7194

although the upstream crude oil price began to rise steadily, the downstream PX price began to fall. Overnight, the Asian PX fell $7 to USD FOB South Korea, and the European PX was basically stable in USD FOB Rotterdam

affected by the recent continuous weakness of PTA, the overnight PTA spot market continued to decline. In the East China internal market, the seller's offer price has been significantly reduced from yuan/ton to about 7800 yuan/ton. Downstream factories are mostly on the sidelines, and their willingness to enter the market is not strong. The mainstream negotiation price has fallen to yuan/ton. The growth rate of flame retardants in China has remained between 15% and 20% tons, with a decrease of about 200 yuan/ton. The quotation of the outer market also fell sharply. Generally, the offer of shipping goods was $925/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price was concentrated between $925/ton, with a decline of $15/ton. The actual transaction was not much

the weakness of upstream PTA raw materials has led to a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream polyester chip market. Although the mainstream quotation in the East China semi gloss chip market on Friday is still mostly in yuan/ton (cash or March acceptance), the negotiated price is relatively chaotic. The negotiated price in the market is in the range of yuan/ton (cash or March acceptance), the market performance is relatively messy, and the actual transaction is low

recently, the upstream and downstream industrial chains have shown a weak adjustment pattern. After experiencing a sharp rise in the previous period, PX prices began to decline, while the wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream polyester chip market has become increasingly strong, and the weakness of the upstream and downstream has suppressed PTA futures prices; On the disk, the short sellers increased their positions wantonly, with more obvious advantages, and the pressure on the futures price has increased. Therefore, we believe that the recent PTA rebound has great resistance, and will still maintain the shock trend of the day. It is suggested that the relevant information of short selling on a high basis will be improved or adjusted to the market

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