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126 units signed on site! Shandeka helped Liaocheng enter a new era of gas and coal transportation

sign 126 units on site! Shandeka helped Liaocheng enter a new era of gas and coal transportation

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with the approaching of the emission stage of the advanced entry of natural gas heavy trucks into the sixth national standard on July 1, more car owners have a clearer understanding of the "gains and losses" after the upgrading from the fifth national standard to the sixth national standard. Due to the inevitable increase in the cost of gas vehicles in the sixth national standard, car owners who are interested in purchasing natural gas heavy trucks are also trying to seize the "tail" of the fifth national standard, In these two months, they have completed the car purchase plan. At the same time, all car companies also actively cater to the urgent needs of users and the market, focus on key markets, pay close attention to policy dividends, and launch corresponding car purchase preferential activities. In this context, shandeka and new Steyr reunited with Liaocheng, Shandong

on May 10, the special shopping activity of SINOTRUK shandeka/new Steyr natural gas products with the theme of "creating and winning new standards and creating wealth" was held in Guanxian County, Liaocheng, Shandong Province. More than 100 car owners and intention customers from Guanxian county and surrounding counties and cities "came in admiration of their names" in many uses, and had a close taste of the unique charm of high-end quality heavy truck shandeka and new Steyr, a good helper of wealth creation

Zhang Xiaofeng, Shandong regional manager of the commercial vehicle sales department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, attended the event and said in his speech that the current heavy truck transportation market is becoming more mature and stable. In order to promote urban development and economic construction, more energy-saving, environmental friendly and efficient transportation equipment is needed to boost the development of modern economy. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the new era, sinotruk has responded to the situation, relying on the industry's advanced technology and aiming at green environmental protection, and has applied intelligent networking technology, Internet technology and IOT technology to the R & D and manufacturing of vehicles. The shandeka/Nova Steyr natural gas products launched have won the reputation and recognition of many customers

Zhang Xiaofeng, Shandong regional manager of Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group

Liaocheng, known as the "water city in the north of the river", has unique traffic location advantages because it is located in the junction area of Shandong, Hebei and Henan provinces. In particular, these three regions are major freight provinces in China, and also provide a unique and excellent foundation for the development of local freight industry in Liaocheng. Focusing on the freight market in Guanxian county and its surrounding areas, it is not difficult to find that many car owners are engaged in the transportation of resources such as coal and industrial raw materials, which also benefits from Liaocheng's proximity to ports such as Rizhao Port and Lianyungang, as well as resource rich provinces such as Shanxi and Shaanxi, where relevant freight demand is relatively abundant

after fully understanding the local freight characteristics, as well as the demands of local heavy truck owners for "oil to gas" and the huge market potential, shandeka, especially at the key node where the emission standard of natural gas heavy trucks is about to move from national five to national six, will implement preferential car purchase activities in Liaocheng Guanxian

"after the implementation of the national six standards for natural gas heavy trucks, it is estimated that the purchase cost will increase by 40000-50000 yuan, and the gas consumption will also increase by 15% - 20%. Moreover, in the initial stage of emission upgrading, the running in and maintenance of the vehicle's aftertreatment system is not as stable as the national five vehicles." Dongshengchao, manager of SINOTRUK Lubei shandeka project team, told friends of trucks, "We hope that through this activity, customers can further understand the cost increase after the emission upgrading of national six, grasp the cost dividend of national five vehicles, and create a more economically effective way to create wealth for car owners; on the other hand, at present, more and more car owners recognize the green and environmental protection trend of coal transportation, and gradually recognize the cost advantage and perfect performance of natural gas heavy trucks, so we also hope to take this opportunity to promote local coal transportation 'oil to gas' to help defend the blue sky. "

Dong Shengchao, manager of SINOTRUK Lubei shandeka project team

a total of four heavy truck models were displayed at the event site, including two popular natural gas heavy truck models, 430 malishandeka c7h, 430 HP new Steyr d7b, and two diesel tractors, 540 malishandeka c7h, 440 malixinsteyr tractors, covering different market segments such as high-end efficient transportation and medium and low-end economic transportation. Among them, The two natural gas heavy trucks launched this time have attracted the attention and interest of many car owners

"Many users think that shandeka is a high-end heavy truck and cannot transport coal and other resources. In fact, it is not. In particular, shandeka natural gas heavy truck model can not only transport coal, but also provide a more efficient and more economical transportation option for car owners. On the one hand, although the purchase cost of natural gas heavy truck is higher than that of diesel heavy truck, the later use cost and more stable performance can completely reverse the full life cycle cost of the vehicle Loss turns into gain '; On the other hand, shandeka has sufficient power, higher attendance and lower failure rate, which can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of car owners, so as to obtain greater profit space. " Dong Shengchao said

the 430 HP c7h gas heavy truck of shandeka on display this time is a star model of shandeka natural gas heavy truck. The vehicle is equipped with German Mann mt13 engine, which integrates the advantages of 50000 km long interval maintenance mileage, long interval replacement spark plug mileage (more than 120000 km), no adjusting valve clearance, engine independent cooling and lubrication circuit system, so that the service life of engine B10 can reach 1.5 million km. MC is adopted. Various countries in the world have taken additive manufacturing as a new growth point for future industrial development Y11 self-adjusting arm double rear axle Zf16s2231 to gearbox of ZF with hydraulic retarder and 995l cylinder of santain have the advantages of high comfort, high reliability, high safety, strong power and low gas consumption

as the leader of China's high-end heavy truck brand, shandeka has just completed the production of the 30000 sets recently, which fully proves its brand influence and market recognition. For a long time, shandeka has been known as the benchmark of efficient transportation and long-distance logistics with its high-quality products and services, and the product layout of diesel heavy truck and gas heavy truck "blossoming on both sides" has also brought more opportunities for the development of shandeka

compared with shandeka, in order to comprehensively analyze and find the most representative microstructure and high-quality benchmark, new Steyr has become the product representative of "grounding gas" by virtue of its more affordable and cost-effective advantages. The new Steyr 430 HP d7b natural gas heavy truck on display this time is suitable for efficient and fast logistics, less than carload logistics, coal transportation and other segment markets. It adopts TGA man technology version B frame, with light weight and strong bearing capacity; Equipped with man mcy series single-stage deceleration bridge, it is the only bridge with oil filter in the axle housing in China. The oil change cycle is up to 100000 km, which greatly reduces the maintenance frequency and has obvious economic benefits; Equipped with mt13 engine and 995l cylinder, the range can reach 1500 kilometers

it is worth mentioning that new Steyr d7b accounts for about 35% of the market share in Liaocheng natural gas heavy truck market. It is well deserved to be the first brand of natural gas heavy truck, and has been recognized and trusted by local users. Liu tifeng, general manager of Chiping Chang'an Transportation Co., Ltd., told friends of truck: "Our company is mainly engaged in coal transportation. At present, there are about 70 or 80 natural gas heavy trucks, all of which are Steyr d7b. Since the first Steyr d7b was purchased in cooperation with Steyr in 2016, I have basically purchased several or even dozens of Steyr d7b every year. This car has stable performance, strong power, high attendance rate, low failure rate and low gas consumption. It is easy to use and save money, especially compared with the fuel heavy truck, from the early stage From the purchase of fuel costs, maintenance costs to the sale of used cars, "the future research and clinical experimental development projects for bone reconstruction and treatment will greatly benefit from such innovative sales. The full life cycle cost of a Steyr gas heavy truck can be saved by more than 100000 yuan, and the economic advantage is very considerable."

at the event site, Chiping Chang'an Transportation Co., Ltd. ordered 70 Steyr d7b natural gas heavy trucks in batch. In addition, Liaocheng Hongqing Logistics Co., Ltd. also ordered 30 Steyr d7b natural gas heavy trucks. Not only that, according to statistics, 126 orders were signed on site alone. It can be predicted that in the future, more shandeka and new Steyr vehicles will become the best help for Liaocheng car owners on the green Chuangfu Road, so that more car owners can go out happily and come home safely with a full load

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