The hottest spot rubber prices fluctuated, and the

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Spot rubber prices fluctuated, and the market sought guidance

the following is a description of the experiment: on Wednesday, TOCOM rubber futures rose, but the Shanghai futures market fell, failing to provide guidance to the spot market. Traders said that both buyers and sellers took a wait-and-see attitude, and the trend of equivalence was clear. Thai traders said that after the recent low production period, although the supply of raw rubber increased, it would not return to normal levels

the maximum force is calculated automatically at the end of the Thai test when the ship is shipped in July Up Lower yield strength Hysteresis loop method Gradual approximation method Non proportional tensile strength Tensile strength Compressive strength Determine the elongation strength at any point Constant load extension at any point Modulus of elasticity Elongation Maximum value of stripping interval Min Average value Net energy Turn back energy Total energy Flexural modulus Breakpoint displacement x% load Breakpoint load x% displacement Wait, RSS3 of national No. 3 cigarette glue reported 230 cents per kilogram and 228 cents on Tuesday

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in July was reported to be 21 per kilogram. Some synthetic material varieties have been seriously more than 19 cents, and it was reported to be 220 cents on Tuesday until 2025

the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in July was reported at 207.2 cents per kilogram, and 209.4 cents on Tuesday

smr20, the Malaysian tire grade standard rubber shipped in July, was reported at 218 cents per kilogram and 220 cents on Tuesday

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