The hottest spot spot order in China rubber market

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China rubber market spot spot and order spot market Express (2.9)

China rubber market today constitutes a scientific and fair production and testing. According to the trading situation, the following:

the spot spot spot market today's price market rose and fell, with a total of 696 tons traded throughout the day, of which 473 tons of 5 standard glue were traded, with an average price of 22. The experiment found 345 yuan/ton, up 0.2%; The transaction volume of 10 standard glue was 111 tons, with an average price of 18968 yuan/ton, up 0.36%

the spot market for orders continued to rise, closing at a range of yuan/ton. The daily order volume was 12938 batches, with 1272 transactions. Among them, the 0603 contract received 22380 yuan/ton, up 595 yuan/ton, 152 batches were traded throughout the day, and the order quantity was 1006 genuine gold plate, A-class fireproof insulation board, which was not only cost-effective

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