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Spot rubber prices rose, but buying interest was weak

according to Singapore on October 29, Asian spot rubber prices rose on Wednesday, supported by the rise in TOCOM rubber futures prices, but the rise was limited by the weakness of most SICOM STR rubber contracts

phuket traders said that market buying was generally gloomy, as it was expected that the recent rebound might be short-lived

in addition, rainfall continues to affect the rubber tapping work in southern Thailand, or provide support for the next few days. If the market rises further on Wednesday, it may revive consumers' interest in trading

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in November was US cents today, compared with us cents in the previous transaction

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in November was 183 cents today, compared with the previous transaction

the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in November was reported at 171.9 cents per kilogram, compared with 167.5 cents per kilogram in the previous transaction

smr20, the Malaysian tire grade standard rubber shipped in November, was quoted at 180 cents per kilogram. In the previous transaction, Vertu and Heuer were 77.5-180 cents, according to insiders

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