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Tire enterprises apply for national storage rubber

the rising rubber price has seriously impacted domestic tire enterprises. Yesterday, in a forum organized by the China Rubber Industry Association, more than 10 tire enterprises said that raw materials are soaring and enterprises are unable to sustain themselves. They hope that the national reserve of rubber can be put into use as soon as possible

rubber prices have broken through record highs

since September, rubber prices have continued to rise. If oil leakage is found, it is shown that the price of rubber futures in Shanghai has exceeded 30000 yuan/ton, and the highest has reached 32000 yuan recently. After the National Day holiday, rubber has become the leading variety of bulk products

Cai Weimin, Secretary General of tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, said that the reasons for this round of crazy rise include the recent sharp rise in the price of resource-based raw materials, the increase in the demand for renewable natural high molecular rubber with oak quality, and the introduction of some export restrictions by some ASEAN rubber exporting countries, as well as the impact of natural disasters on domestic and foreign production and the speculation of middlemen

shenjinrong, chairman of Hangzhou Zhongce Tire Co., Ltd., said that the important reason for this round of rise is capital promotion, which has led to the rebound of rubber prices and the recent hot sales of tires

enterprises raise tire prices to relieve pressure

tensile testing has become the only means of mechanical property testing. In order to cope with the rise in raw material prices, several tire enterprises said yesterday that by increasing tire prices at the end of September and early October, some pressure has been relieved, but prices may still rise

when the rubber price rose in April this year, the government put 200000 tons of reserve rubber, and the price stabilized. Cai Weimin said that he hoped the government could release the national reserve natural rubber as soon as possible to stabilize the market price. At present, it has expressed its application to the relevant departments since entering the 21st century

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