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During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Chinese tire enterprises should enter the top ten in the world, implement national industrial policies, prohibit low-level repeated construction, be vigilant and eliminate backward production capacity, establish a market access mechanism, and improve industrial concentration. These are the key issues that need to be solved urgently in the development of the rubber industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Therefore, the guiding outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the rubber industry (hereinafter referred to as the guiding outline) points out that the establishment of industrial access mechanism and the improvement of industrial concentration, especially the hot spots of general concern in the whole industry, involve many issues such as policy guidance and enterprise development

the guiding outline proposes to take the "tire industry policy" organized and formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology as the basis for the development of tire industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the tire industry should further restrict the growth of bias tire production capacity and actively support the development of high-performance energy-saving and environmental friendly radial tires. We should encourage advantageous enterprises to integrate their existing production capacity and expand the scale of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, including mergers and acquisitions among private enterprises, the reorganization of state-owned enterprises, and the overall listing of listed companies through resource integration. Strive to form one or two enterprises (with annual sales revenue close to US $4billion) that have entered the top ten in the world by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, so that the concentration of output value of the top ten enterprises in China will exceed 50%

in addition to the clear industrial development policies for the tire industry, the guiding outline also puts forward suggestions and opinions on the elimination of other products, industrial access, equal replacement, etc., and puts forward industrial adjustment suggestions for enterprises with backward production equipment and test equipment, product performance and quality standards, clean and civilized production standards, serious pollution, and resource waste

-- the tire industry should eliminate more than 90% of the backward production capacity whose product quality and environmental protection are not up to standard; Form a reasonable structure of "waist drum type" with small head and large middle in the line test of high, medium and low-grade products; We will build and improve the national tire quality supervision and inspection center and tire rim standards institution, and 100% of our products have independent intellectual property rights

-- the rubber hose and tape industry should eliminate enterprises with backward production capacity, serious pollution and waste of resources, and encourage strong enterprises to take high-tech, high value-added, pollution-free and long-life products as the development direction, strive to explore the medium and high-end market, and focus on the development of environment-friendly, energy-saving and other products in line with national industrial policies

-- the rubber products industry should promote the development of large-scale enterprises, adjust the industrial layout, and eliminate low-level products and workshop enterprises. Improve the concentration of advantageous industries of tire mold, improve the overall cooperation and supporting level of the industry, and create a good industrial development environment

-- the rubber overshoes industry should be based on the principles that are conducive to improving the concentration and supporting the superior and the strong, to making full use of both domestic and foreign markets and resources, and to reducing production and sales costs. Enterprises in economically developed regions should focus on developing medium and high-end products and exports, and large enterprise groups with technology and brand advantages should carry out reorganization and alliance. Some enterprises and products will be gradually transferred to the central, northwest and northeast regions to realize the fundamental transformation of growth mode

-- the carbon black industry focuses on eliminating backward and improving industrial concentration, specifically, no new carbon black plants with a scale of less than 50000 tons/year will be built; Carbon black production units with a capacity of less than 20000 tons/year (including dry granulation and wet granulation) will no longer be built. Eliminate carbon black plants with a total scale of less than 50000 tons/year, backward technical equipment, high energy consumption, excessive emissions and poor operating environment within a time limit. Immediately eliminate the production units of dry granulation with a scale of less than 15000 tons/year. Cultivate 5 ~ 7 carbon black groups with a scale of 5. Install the experimental machine as a major event to complete about 0 million tons/year. All samples between the two fixtures will get varying degrees of tensile deformation, which can compete with multinational carbon black companies

in addition, we should study the industry access conditions for new carbon black enterprises, new pipe belt (conveyor belt of more than 1million square meters, rubber hose of more than 1million BM, V belt of more than 3million AM) enterprises and new medical device latex products enterprises, as well as the integration standards of existing enterprises, and gradually realize the development mode of regionalization, equal substitution and progress and retreat. We will strive to innovate the development model, improve the quality of development, and comprehensively implement product upgrading during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Its development should be based on adjusting and optimizing the structure, improving efficiency and reducing consumption The sensor grounding of the temperature sensor of the tensile testing machine should be based on reliability. We should not simply increase the production capacity of old products, nor should we simply lay out more new points and pursue output growth. We should not follow the old road of high input, low output and high consumption

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