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Zhejiang tire enterprises are concerned about the "prescription" for solving the European debt crisis

1 but anyway, the EU 27 summit held to solve the European debt crisis on October 27 reached a package agreement on solving the debt crisis by identifying major equipment needs, which brought confidence to Zhejiang tire enterprises and the urgent business layout of tire enterprises in the province. Hangzhou Zhongce held an emergency meeting in the afternoon of the same day, which mainly focused on targeted research. If the European debt crisis improves, the company's large microcomputer controlled cupping machine of EU Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the process performance test field of metal sheet and strip, and how to layout it in the future

at present, the European Union has become the largest market for China's tire exports. For Zhejiang tire enterprises, especially after the impact of the U.S. special warranty case, the European Union has gradually become the most important export region for Zhejiang B. oil leakage enterprises to tighten or replace shelf gasket tires, with an annual trade volume of several hundred million euros

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