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In 2009, the total output of China's tire industry reached 380million, with a sales revenue of more than 220 billion yuan. This year, the total output is expected to reach 400million, and China has become the world's largest tire producer. However, compared with the world's advanced level, there is a big gap in tire processing technology, manufacturing system, raw material preparation, technological innovation ability and so on. At present, China's tire industry has reached an important "inflection point". Accelerating technological upgrading, promoting structural adjustment, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, changing the mode of development, and cultivating well-known brands have become the main tasks of the tire industry for some time in the future

first of all, the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry should work together to continuously increase technology investment and improve independent research and development and innovation capabilities. We should establish industrial tire test sites and national engineering technology centers, carry out production, learning and research cooperation, closely track and develop cutting-edge tire technologies, break the international monopoly on high-end tire technologies and products through innovation, integration, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and constantly cultivate an environment with the ability to independently develop intellectual property rights and advanced technologies

secondly, we should take low-carbon, green, environmental protection, safety, high performance and intelligence as the main direction of product innovation. We should design and develop environmental friendly and energy-saving "green tires" from the aspects of raw material selection, formula, pattern, outline and structure, so as to reduce the dependence on raw materials of petrochemical products, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and reduce environmental pollution; We should combine modern electronics and information technology with tire design and manufacturing, develop "smart tires" to improve oil quality, and dynamically monitor the pressure, temperature, speed and other conditions of automobile tires, so as to improve safety performance; We should develop "safety tires" with high grip performance, high handling performance, and low inflation performance

in addition, we should also actively develop and apply the "low-carbon, flexible Emerson Electric (Tongling) Co., Ltd. sent a thank-you letter, intelligent" production line, establish a green manufacturing model for the tire industry, actively advocate and vigorously develop the circular economy of the tire industry, and create an international technology research and development team and a low-carbon green supply chain

in order to achieve better and faster development of China's tire industry, it is suggested that the state should introduce industrial policies as soon as possible and strengthen the management of the healthy development of China's tire industry. First, actively guide and support independent brands to promote technological innovation. Haitong Securities: the impact of universal insurance rate reform is neutral, change the development mode, and build low-carbon, green and efficient productivity; Second, unifying the cooperation intention in developing artificial cartilage between several companies and gongjianping team, formulating technical specifications and mandatory requirements in terms of tire quality, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, consumption, etc., establishing technical standards and certification systems for tire export enterprises, and reducing the waste of resources and the harm of international trade barriers; Third, actively develop strategic green emerging industries in the rubber industry, actively develop the second natural rubber - Eucommia rubber resources, and enhance the international status and voice of China's natural rubber production and rubber industry; Fourth, we should resolutely prohibit the import of used tires, include them in the prohibited import catalogue as soon as possible, cancel the customs code, and prevent importers from taking advantage of it, so as to avoid turning China into a world tire garbage disposal site

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