The hottest tire export at Qingdao port in the fir

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According to Shandong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 199 batches of tires were exported by Qingdao port after Qingdao inspection and quantity cycle test in the first quarter of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 20%, and the tire export still maintained a strong growth momentum

according to analysis, the main reason for the growth of tire exports is the slow capital turnover in the domestic market, and enterprises turn their attention to the international market; After the Iraq war, the economic environment in the Middle East improved, providing opportunities and space for tire exports. Although the situation is gratifying, adverse factors still exist, the quality of exported tires needs to be improved, and there are potential safety hazards; Raw material prices continue to rise, international tire prices remain low, and tire exports have made meager profits. A large tire enterprise in Qingdao has suspended its export business, and relevant departments and enterprises should actively take countermeasures

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